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Problem Gambling Program in NC Ready for Mobile Betting Debut

The state's program that seeks to address problem gambling is ready for the debut of mobile sports betting planned for next week

North Carolina was among the states that legalized retail sports betting a few years ago. But it wasn’t until last summer when the state legalized mobile wagering as well, paving the way for the statewide expansion of the activity. Despite legalizing the activity in June, mobile betting is yet to launch, but that will happen as early as next week. The state has set March 11 as the date for the launch of its mobile sports betting market.

But while bettors and sports fans alike are excited to finally be able to wager via mobile devices, others fear the potential increase in problem gambling and how such cases will be treated effectively. The North Carolina Problem Gambling Program (NCPGP) is an initiative that will actively address problem gambling by providing support, treatment and helping prevent such cases.

The NCPGP is currently overseen by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS). Ahead of the launch of mobile betting in the state, a representative of the agency discussed how the state seeks to address problem gambling behavior, as announced by Sports Handle.

One of the efforts against problem gambling is related to college students, including professional athletes. Those groups are identified as at risk of developing addiction to gambling which is why the NCDHHS is already collaborating with different groups, including the NCAA-funded EPIC Risk Management, to help prevent addiction among college students. This will be achieved via educational initiatives, as well as raising awareness about the dangers associated with sports betting, the spokesperson for the NCDHHS revealed.

NCPGP Will Help People Who Need Treatment, Support

Besides protecting college students, the NCPGP seeks to collaborate with people who want to completely stop gambling. It will also support individuals who want to retain control of their betting and ensure it remains a leisure activity. Besides peer support groups, the NCPGP will also offer counseling. “People can call the North Carolina Problem Gambling Helpline at 877-718-5543 to learn more. Currently, we are working with our contacts to ensure our providers and the helpline can handle an increase in calls,” explained the representative of the NCDHHS.

According to them, the agency has strengthened its collaborations with treatment providers and improved its education and prevention programs ahead of the expected launch of sports betting in North Carolina.

The agency’s preparation does not come as a surprise. This is because in other states where mobile betting was launched an increase in the number of calls related to problem gambling was observed. Still, whether or not this will be the case for North Carolina remains to be seen.


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