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Nevada Gaming Regulator Pursues Legal Action Against Former Casino Exec

Following his removal from the position of president at Resorts World Las Vegas last September, Sibella now confronts potential penalties and fines resulting from the recently filed complaint

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has lodged a formal complaint against Scott Sibella, a former high-ranking executive in the casino industry. This action, coming four months after Sibella’s admission of guilt for breaching anti-money laundering protocols, adds another layer to the ongoing saga of regulatory scrutiny.

Sibella, who was ousted from his role as president of Resorts World Las Vegas last September, following the opening of the extravagant $4.3 billion property, now faces potential penalties and fines as a consequence of the filed complaint, reported The Nevada Independent. The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s complaint specifically targets events dating back to 2018, during Sibella’s tenure as president of the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

Earlier this year, Sibella confessed to violating federal anti-money laundering statutes by permitting Wayne Nix, an alleged illegal bookmaker, to engage in substantial gambling activities at the MGM Grand. The complaint asserts that Sibella neglected to adhere to MGM Resorts International’s anti-money laundering policy, failing to flag Nix’s suspicious transactions, including his hefty gambling debts settled in cash.

Notably, this recent filing follows a series of investigations into Sibella’s conduct and Resorts World’s operations. The Board’s decision to pursue formal action underscores the gravity of the situation, especially in light of the casino’s association with a restaurant partly owned by a convicted felon, a matter previously under regulatory scrutiny.

Lawsuits and Investigations Shake Resorts World Las Vegas and Ex-President Sibella

Back in November Resorts World Las Vegas and its former president, Scott Sibella, contested the federal lawsuit filed by Robert “RJ” Cipriani, who accused them of negligence and conspiracy regarding illegal gambling activities. 

Sibella’s legal team argued for dismissal, claiming Cipriani’s claims lack substance and are driven by personal motives. Cipriani sought compensatory and punitive damages, while Resorts World’s attorney dismissed the allegations as frivolous. 

The Nevada Gaming Control Board launched an investigation into Resorts World Las Vegas in April 2022 following allegations made by gambler Brandon Sattler against the company’s president, Scott Sibella. Sattler claimed to be a former friend of Sibella and alleged past drug issues associated with him, while also implicating Sibella in a connection with a convicted felon who partially owned a restaurant within the resort.

Sibella’s sentencing is set for May 8, where he could potentially receive a maximum prison term of five years. However, reports suggest that Sibella may instead be granted a one-year probation period along with a fine.


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