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New Interim Voluntary Customer Checks Code to Be Published in the UK

A newly released report suggests that a new voluntary "Code on Customer Checks" will be published amid the ongoing regulatory changes in the country

Ahead of the implementation of the planned affordability checks, currently being developed by the UK Gambling Commission, in collaboration with the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), a new interim voluntary code seeks to deliver frictionless spending checks. The new voluntary “Code on Customer Checks” is expected to be published Wednesday, a report released by the Racing Post suggests.

The interim gambling industry code was developed by the BGC in collaboration with the gambling regulator and seeks to address the current inconsistencies related to spending checks. It is set to roll out a higher threshold required for the activation of spending checks, while at the same time delivering streamlined rules.

Per the new code, which is expected to be enforced until the UK gambling watchdog implements new and robust affordability checks, part of the planned overhaul of the sector, bettors who deposit more than £25,000 ($31,200) over a period of 12 months will be required to provide financial documents, proving they can afford their gambling.

On the other hand, bettors who want to deposit more than £5,000 ($6,200) in a rolling month, will have to undergo a risk assessment by the gambling operator. Through this risk assessment, bookmakers will have to determine if the customer displays any signs of problem gambling.

Still, the code doesn’t limit the required checks and interactions by gambling operators at lower levels. Bookmakers will still monitor the activities of their customers, identifying potential patterns of gambling harm and intervening with chats, via phone or in severe cases, implementing deposit limits or restricting accounts.

A Step in the Right Direction

Andrew Rhodes, the Gambling Commission’s chief executive, who was recently quoted by the publication, revealed that the new voluntary code will help deliver a “consistent and transparent approach,” applicable to clients who trigger action due to their spending.

Rhodes pointed out that the voluntary code features methods that seek to reduce excessive gambling while setting minimum standards that have been agreed upon by gambling regulators. Moreover, the chief executive explained: “We think this code will help address the varying approaches from operators to customer spend triggers today, whilst we conduct a pilot on the use of the frictionless financial risk assessments that the government proposed in its white paper.”

Michael Dugher, BGC’s chief executive and acting chair, also spoke about the importance of the involuntary code. He acknowledged that the code comes at a time when there’s an ongoing debate on affordability checks. Dugher added: “It will significantly increase the consistency of safer gambling standards while removing intrusive document checks for many who are currently subject to detailed checks.”

The BGC’s executive predicted that the code would be welcomed by the gambling sector, particularly by British horseracing. He spoke about the importance of the code, adding that it complements existing safer gambling measures adopted by the gambling operators. Still, Dugher said that while the voluntary code is a step in the right direction, more needs to be done to ensure the protection of consumers.

He added that while the voluntary checks code will help, he also wants to see the implementation of new regulations for anti-money laundering checks. Finally, Dugher explained that such changes can “reduce the disproportionate need for document requests” while raising the regulatory standards and ensuring consistency.


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