April 22, 2022 3 min read

Nevada Gaming Control Board Opens an Investigation into Resorts World

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has decided to open up an investigation into Resorts World Las Vegas over allegations that a gambler raised against the company’s president, Scott Sibella. According to the allegations, Sibella lied about his relationship with the gambler and that a Strip restaurant is partially owned by a felon.

Brandon Sattler Claims to Be a Former Friend of Sibella

Brandon Sattler, the embattled gambler, claimed that he was a good friend of Sibella while speaking under oath in a deposition on April 5. Moreover, he accused Sibella of having past drug issues that they’ve been associated with for more than 20 years.

The deputy chief of the enforcement division of the board, Kristi Marusich, stated that the agency will look into these allegations. Marusich was contacted by The Nevada Independent but stated that she does not have any further comments on the situation.

Resorts World Las Vegas, which opened last year, brought in Sibella to oversee the development of the resort. Sibella is under fire now due to the fact he’s included in a rather strange mix with a convicted felon. Tacos El Carbon, a small eatery inside Resorts World Las Vegas, is owned by David Stroj who is a convicted illegal bookmaker and a money launderer. According to Sattler, Resorts World owns 50% of the restaurant.

An outside spokeswoman for Resorts World reached out to the Independent via an email and stated that executives made contact with the Nevada Gaming Control Board when the claims were made. She added that a “thorough background check” was made, but the resort did not find anything.

Disciplinary Hearings Could Be in Store for Resorts World and Sibella

Stroj is currently being investigated for violating his supervised release by gambling in Las Vegas without gaining permission from his probation officer. Resorts World stated that Stroj’s father is the manager of the restaurant.

However, Stroj reached out to the Nevada Independent via email and stated that he doesn’t own any of his father’s business and that he barely knows Sattler. He also said that at the moment, he does not have any violations.

Resorts World and Sibella could face disciplinary hearings at the Nevada Gaming Commission if a formal complaint is filed against the property.

Sattler noted that he thinks that the restaurant is owned by Stroj, John Paul, Jaime Behar, and three other unnamed partners. Some people question Sattler’s allegations due to the fact that he was forced into bankruptcy. Creditors claimed that he deceived them while playing high roller games with their money.

As for Sibella, he claims that he only met Sattler twice. Sibella added that he’s in this position just because Sattler decided to throw out his name randomly and noted that Sattler has done no work at Resorts World, even though he states otherwise.

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