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Nevada Gaming Control Board Ensures Security Amidst Website Incident

Despite resulting in alterations to the appearance of the Nevada Gaming Control Board's website, authorities opted against categorizing it as a cyberattack

In a recent update, the Nevada Gaming Control Board provided reassurance regarding a cybersecurity incident that occurred in late January. Following a thorough investigation, the Board confirmed that no personal data was accessed or compromised by any unauthorized individuals.

Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Website Incident Draws Attention Amid Cybersecurity Dialogue

Although the incident led to changes in the appearance of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s website, officials refrained from labeling it as a cyberattack. The Board emphasized that established protocols were promptly implemented to prevent further damage, including transitioning to a new website platform under the guidance of the Nevada Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Various entities collaborated in the investigation, including the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Information Technology team, law enforcement agencies, and external legal and forensic experts. Despite inquiries about the nature of the incident and the pursuit of potential suspects, the Board did not provide specific details.

This incident holds significance against the backdrop of previous cybersecurity breaches experienced by prominent casino companies in the state, including MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment

In 2023, both companies fell victim to cyberattacks, resulting in significant disruptions to their online operations. While MGM resisted ransom demands, Caesars reportedly paid a $15 million ransomware demand. However, neither company confirmed the payment of any ransom.

As a result, in the Nevada District Court, patrons of Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International filed five class-action lawsuits in September 2023. These legal actions claim that the casino corporations failed to adequately protect essential customer information amid the cyberattacks, which is said to violate Federal Trade Commission recommendations.

Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Website Focused Cyberattack Spurs Restoration and Security Measures

The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s website, which serves as a vital source of information for the gaming industry, was gradually restored over approximately five days. Throughout this process, investigators ensured that no personal or financial information was exposed to unauthorized parties.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board underscored the importance of maintaining the security of its information systems, affirming its commitment to diligent efforts in this regard. 

It is also important to highlight that the cyberattack appears to have specifically aimed at the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s website, without any apparent repercussions on other state agencies, all of which are functioning without disruption. Even January’s gathering of the Nevada Gaming Commission took place as planned, without any acknowledgement of the incident.

Despite the challenges posed by the recent incident, the Board remains steadfast in its mission to uphold the integrity and security of Nevada’s gaming industry.


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