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Nevada Gaming Control Board Website Hit by Cyberattack

This incident, while concerning, does not appear to have compromised any personal information or financial records

The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s website has been offline for several days due to a cyberattack. 

Nevada Gaming Control Board Implements Temporary Measures after Cyberattack

Reports indicate that the cyberattack targeted the public-facing websites of both the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission, the bodies responsible for regulating the state’s gaming industry. 

The affected website contained various essential information such as agency meeting agendas, gaming regulations, press releases, public statistics, contact details, and biographies of board and commission members.

Fortunately, gaming license details and financial records were stored on a separate internal state agency system, ensuring their protection from the cyberattack. 

The Nevada Gaming Control Board released a statement via its social media channels, confirming the incident and outlining the steps taken to mitigate the damage. According to the statement, immediate measures were initiated to safeguard the website by taking it offline. 

The board is currently collaborating with cybersecurity experts to thoroughly assess the situation. In the meantime, preparations are underway to publish a temporary website for individuals seeking access to information.

Nevada Gaming Control Board Takes Steps Against Cyber Threats

It is worth noting that the cyberattack seems to have exclusively targeted the gaming control board’s website, with no reported impact on other state agencies, which continue to operate normally. Even the monthly meeting of the Nevada Gaming Commission proceeded as scheduled, with no mention of the incident.

This cyberattack follows closely on the heels of high-profile attacks on major casino operators in Nevada, including MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment, last September. These attacks resulted in significant financial losses and reputational damage to the affected companies.

In Nevada District Court, customers of Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International even initiated five class-action lawsuits. These suits allege that the casino companies neglected to safeguard crucial customer data during the cyberattacks, contrary to Federal Trade Commission guidelines

Last June, Nevada lawmakers approved funds for upgrading the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s information technology system, a move aimed at replacing the outdated system from the 1980s. This system, separate from the website, plays a crucial role in running board functions. The upgrade was deemed necessary to ensure the security and efficiency of the board’s operations in the face of evolving cyber threats.

As inquiries into the recent cyberattack progress, stakeholders express optimism that actions will be implemented to strengthen the cybersecurity framework, thereby protecting against potential disruptions to essential state operations in the future.


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