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Neccton Provides Novo Interactive with AML and RG Software

Neccton, a one-stop shop analytical application for online gambling providers, has partnered with Novo Interactive, a subsidiary of Novomatic, a renowned gambling service provider and operator. Under the agreement, Neccton will power Novo Interactive with mentor software.

Neccton Leverages Mentor Software to Help Novo Interactive

The data company will leverage its mentor capabilities to help Novo Interactive bolster its defenses against money laundering and problem gambling. As a result and, Novo Interactive’s online gambling brands, will be able to use Neccton’s solutions to ward off gambling harm and financial fraud.

The mentor software monitors players’ behavior in real-time and warns both the player and the operator when a suspicious pattern has been identified. Thanks to this, would be able to boost its AML and responsible gambling capabilities.

The mentor software is designed to stop various red flags, such as a sudden increase in deposit frequency or size. Once such a marker has been identified, the software prompts the player to limit their activity. At the same time, it contacts the operator, warning it of the irregularity. Thus, a gambling operator is able to potentially intervene, if it determines that further action is needed.

The Provider Will Help the Operator Prevent Fraud

In addition, the mentor software can help gambling operators spot cases of money laundering or other financial fraud. Novo Interactive will integrate Neccton’s AML capabilities as well, helping it further support its online brand’s business. Neccton’s AML solution is compliant with a large variety of markets, including Europe, Canada’s province of Ontario and many other markets all over the world.

Neccton is aware of the intricacies of the global gambling ecosystem. Because of that, its rule engine is preconfigured for all jurisdictions where individual responsible gambling and AML customization is allowed. The company also offers a variety of other solutions, including anti-fraud capabilities and customer relations management solutions.

Dr Michael Auer, Neccton’s director and head of development, welcomed Novo Interactive to the list of Neccton partners. He stated that his team feels proud to be trusted the gambling company and its brands. Auer vowed to protect the brands’ customers in Germany, as it already does with so many others.

In August, Neccton also teamed up with Pragmatic Solutions, a leading iGaming provider. Under that agreement, Neccton helped Pragmatic Solutions track its players’ behavior.


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