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National Lottery Community Fund Donates £100 Million to UK Charities This Winter

UK’s National Lottery Community Fund distributes funding raised by National Lottery players. The organization ensures that a share of the £30 million raised each week reaches good causes and directly benefits communities. The Fund has been especially active during the holiday season, giving away grants to grassroots projects across the country.

The Fund Focuses on Community Activities

Almost 2,500 charities and community groups in England benefited from over £100 million in National Lottery funding during the last three months of the year. The National Lottery Community Fund ensures that the funds reach deserving causes like youth employment programs, mental health initiatives, and climate action.

We’re delighted to be able to distribute over £100 million to groups responding to their communities’ challenges and supporting them to prosper and thrive.

Emma Corrigan, England Director at The National Lottery Community Fund

Lottery players in the UK raise over £600m a year. Charities in the country can apply with the Fund to receive a grant. Voluntary or community organizations can receive up to £10,000 for small-scale projects pending approval. The Community Fund also has several programs for more expansive long-term initiatives with much more stringent requirements.

Organizations across the Country Received Grants

Several notable groups received funding in the last three months. Charity group St. Petrocks received £10,000 in funding, extending the duration of its Homeless Outreach Service, providing support to homeless individuals and people in insecure housing. The project aims to improve the living standard and mental health of disadvantaged individuals, providing them access to necessities, healthcare, and housing assistance.

Support and guidance organization Futureworks NY CIC is using its £285,000 grant to build confidence in disadvantaged youth and unemployed adults by developing a workshop upcycling donated furniture. The program aims to help participants find employment, fostering a positive social environment and bolstering mental health. Futureworks NY CIC director Michelle Padron-Kitching was grateful for the opportunity, pledging to continue the organization’s support during an uncertain time.

Thanks to National Lottery players, we are able to continue this much-needed project that provides valuable support to the local community, building skills, and well-being.

Michelle Padron-Kitching, Director of Futureworks NY CIC

Theodora Children’s Charity will use its grant of £10,000 for its Giggle Doctors program, improving the well-being of children with disabilities, serious health challenges, or ones in specialist care centers. The charity believes that laughter and fun, engaging activities will bring children joy when they most need it.

Spoons Charity, an organization focusing on helping mothers and families recovering from traumatic birthing experiences, received £157,000. The funds will aid vulnerable parents, help families transitioning back home from the hospital and bolster Spoons’ roster of family support coordinators. According to Spoons operations director Kirsten Mitchell, the organization will continue to develop neonatal care across Greater Manchester, making a tangible, long-lasting impact.

This wonderful grant will help us to support families through traumatic times… as we face more economic uncertainty ahead.

Kirsten Mitchell, Operations Director at Spoons

As the largest funder of community activity in the UK, The National Lottery Community Fund supports roughly 5.2 million beneficiaries yearly. Its programs reach throughout the UK and have made a proven difference for grant holders, the people they work with, and the wider community.

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