September 13, 2023 3 min read


NCAA Denies Iowa Defensive Lineman Noah Shannon’s Appeal

Noah Shannon, a senior from Aurora, Illinois, faced trouble by confessing to betting on another Hawkeyes team, a breach of NCAA regulations resulting in potential permanent eligibility loss

In a disappointing turn of events for the Iowa Hawkeyes, the NCAA has rejected defensive lineman Noah Shannon‘s appeal for a season-long suspension related to his involvement in sports wagering, as announced by Head Coach Kirk Ferentz on September 12.

NCAA Ends Shannon’s Stellar College Football Career

Shannon, a senior hailing from Aurora, Illinois, who has started 28 games for the Hawkeyes, found himself in hot water after admitting to placing a wager on an event involving a Hawkeyes team in another sport, a violation of NCAA rules that carries the penalty of permanent loss of eligibility. Despite his cooperation with the NCAA investigation, Shannon’s appeal was denied, effectively ending his collegiate football career.

Ferentz conveyed his deep disappointment regarding the NCAA’s decision this past weekend. He highlighted Noah’s exceptional qualities, emphasizing that Noah had been an outstanding leader both on and off the field for their program for the past five years. Ferentz also expressed gratitude for Noah’s decision to continue being a part of their program as he readied himself for the next phase of his journey.

Shannon, in a statement, apologized to the fans and supporters of Iowa football, taking full responsibility for his mistake. He expressed his heartbreak over not being able to play alongside his teammates but pledged his unwavering support for the team in other ways.

Iowa Athletes Grapple with NCAA Fallout Amidst Wagering Investigation

The NCAA’s ruling has left the Iowa football community in shock, as Shannon had not been charged in the state’s criminal investigation into illegal sports wagering, which also involved athletes from Iowa State. The Iowa athletic department previously announced that 11 athletes across various sports would face eligibility repercussions due to the investigation.

Coach Ferentz voiced his dissatisfaction with the severity of Shannon’s suspension, emphasizing that the defensive lineman had not committed any criminal acts. He hopes that the NCAA will reconsider its decision.

Shannon’s suspension raises questions about the NCAA’s approach to sports wagering violations, especially in the context of the changing landscape of sports betting, with mobile apps like FanDuel and DraftKings making it increasingly accessible. Coach Ferentz urged the NCAA to adopt more compassionate penalties in light of these evolving circumstances.

At the end of June, the NCAA adjusted its guidelines on penalties for sports gambling violations, aiming to maintain competition integrity while considering mitigating factors. Athletes caught betting on their own sports may lose 50% of their season eligibility, with varying percentages based on the wager size. 


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