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Iowa Universities Face Investigations for Sports Wagering Violations

The news comes after the recent firing of Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon due to suspicious betting activity

An investigation into sports wagering violations at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University has been launched, with 26 athletes and one employee of the athletic department at Iowa, as well as 15 athletes at Iowa State, suspected of violating The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules. The University of Iowa, in collaboration with the Department of Athletics, has taken swift action and is fully cooperating with the investigation. 

The University of Iowa Investigates 26 Student-Athletes for Sports Wagering Violations

The University of Iowa has reported that it received information regarding 111 individuals, of whom 26 are current student-athletes from various sports, including baseball, football, men’s basketball, men’s track and field, and men’s wrestling. The majority of the individuals implicated in the investigation are former student-athletes, student-staff members, or individuals unrelated to the athletic department. Notably, no current or former coaches have been implicated.

The university leadership was first notified of potential criminal conduct and NCAA violations related to sports wagering on May 2. Subsequently, law enforcement provided the university with a list of individuals allegedly involved in sports wagering on May 4. 

In response, the University of Iowa took immediate action, informing several student-athletes that they would not be participating in upcoming competitions. The NCAA was also promptly alerted to the potential violations. To ensure a thorough investigation, the university has engaged outside legal counsel.

The State of Iowa Board of Regents, which oversees the universities in the state, has issued a statement acknowledging the concerns and pledging full cooperation with the investigations. 

The NCAA strictly prohibits athletes, coaches, and staff from engaging in any form of sports wagering on amateur, collegiate, and professional sports covered by NCAA championships. Although legal sports betting has been established in Iowa and Iowa State, NCAA rules override state laws, making such activities a violation.

Iowa Gaming Commission Probes Sports Wagering Case

The Iowa Gaming Commission has confirmed its own investigation into the matter and emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of gaming within the state. However, no evidence of match-fixing or suspicious wagering activity has been found thus far.

As the investigations unfold, both universities are dedicated to preserving the integrity of their athletic programs. The University of Iowa and the Department of Athletics have vowed to fully cooperate with the NCAA and any other relevant entities involved in the ongoing investigation. The universities are determined to address the situation comprehensively and take all necessary measures to ensure compliance moving forward.

Sports wagering violations can have severe consequences for individuals and institutions involved. The University of Iowa’s athletics department has long provided education on NCAA rules regarding the prohibition of sports wagering, underscoring the potential ramifications for those who fail to comply.


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