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NCAA and EPIC Risk Management Join Forces to Educate on Gambling Harm

The leading independent consultancy company that handles the minimization of gambling harm EPIC Risk Management and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) have decided to join forces and create a landmark program that would educate and protect student-athletes, coaches, game officials, and support personnel against gambling harm. The program will primarily consist of a series of educational webinars, seminars, and workshops for all NCAA members and it will be launched later this year.

EPIC and NCAA Are Committed to Reducing Problem Gambling Harm

In the context of a significant increase in legal sports betting, EPIC and NCAA are determined to create a new and well-targeted program that would keep up with the latest sports betting market changes while providing the tools, guidance, and resources needed to limit problem gambling and the harm resulting from it. The program will consist of a number of live, educational workshops, pre-recorded seminars that will become accessible online, as well as virtual resources that will be available on-demand for students and NCAA members who cannot attend in-person seminars.

EPIC is already deeply rooted in a number of programs that provide counseling and education to over 15,000 athletes and 50,000 students in all parts of the world, on a yearly basis. These athletes and students belong to the highest risk sectors connected to gambling harm in over 20 countries. EPIC has recorded impressive results with its harm minimization programs alongside its training and advisory classes that are accredited by independent organizations.

The NCAA is busy continuously assessing the ever-changing face of sports wagering while proving its commitment to offering educational initiatives and resources for conferences and schools. Their partnership with EPIC is aimed at reducing gambling harm while working with elite sports teams worldwide. 

The NCAA has already enjoyed fruitful collaborations with the National Football League Players Association in the US, as well as Chicago Fire, a Major League Soccer club. EPIC has also signed a four-year agreement with the Professional Cricketers’ Association that would provide the latter with educational materials on gambling harm prevention

EPIC Is Committed to Raising Awareness Through Personal Examples

According to EPIC’s CEO Paul Buck, the EPIC team consists of a number of industry experts, many of which have shared their personal gambling stories. Their shared experiences are used as powerful examples during seminars and workshops during which students, coaches, and staff members listen to insightful advice on how to avoid the perils of problem gambling. 

EPIC is fully committed to raising awareness and helping prevent gambling harm and a new program developed together with NCAA will offer further valuable guidance and hands-on expertise in the context of sports betting being officially legalized in many US states.

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