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NBA and Sportradar Forge Path to Enhanced Fan Engagement

The partnership introduces a new way for fans to follow and participate in betting during NBA games on the League Pass app, enhancing their experience with Sportradar's emBET technology

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has teamed up with global data company Sportradar to introduce enhanced betting features directly into NBA League Pass, marking a significant shift in how fans engage with live games.

NBA League Pass Introduces emBET Technology

The collaboration brings forth a new era of sports entertainment, where viewers can seamlessly track and engage with betting odds while watching NBA games on the League Pass app. Powered by Sportradar’s innovative emBET technology, this integration offers fans a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the excitement of in-play betting during live action.

Scott Kaufman-Ross, NBA’s executive vice president of media and gaming, highlighted: “Integrating emBET is consistent with the NBA’s vision to create hyper-personalized and customized viewing experiences within NBA games. For NBA fans who want to wager on our games during live action, they can now elect to receive contextualized betting information directly on NBA League Pass.”

Patrick Mostboeck, the senior vice president of audiovisual at Sportradar, conveyed his excitement about the innovation, stating that through their exclusive partnership with the NBA, they are committed to developing next-generation, value-added products and services, like emBET, to drive fan and bettor engagement.

emBET Unveils Comprehensive Viewer Experience

The introduction of emBET is just the beginning of a series of enhancements aimed at elevating user engagement and retention. Beyond betting functionality, emBET will also deliver advanced team and player insights, polls, voting, and trivia widgets, providing fans with a comprehensive and interactive viewing experience.

Sportradar’s access to NBA optical-tracking data will play a crucial role in the development of these dynamic features, ensuring that fans have access to real-time statistics and analysis. As an official partner of the NBA since 2016, Sportradar remains committed to enhancing the fan experience through innovative solutions.

While the initial rollout will focus on select betting options such as point spreads, money lines, and over/unders, there are plans to expand the range of betting markets in the future. Additionally, efforts are underway to extend this functionality to desktop and smart TV platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience.

NBA has also had other partnerships involving NBA League Pass. It partnered with FanDuel Group in October 2023 launching NBA League Pass and introducing a new feature called “The Pulse”. By offering complimentary access to NBA League Pass and Bonus Bets, along with innovative features like The Pulse, FanDuel sought to provide unparalleled entertainment for basketball enthusiasts while leveraging its successful collaboration with the NBA.

The NBA’s foray into integrated betting represents a significant evolution in sports entertainment, setting a new standard for fan engagement and interaction. As other leagues and media platforms take note, the NBA’s innovative approach could serve as a model for future developments in the industry.


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