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NASCAR First to Back AGA Responsible Gambling Campaign

NASCAR becomes the first sports league to officially back the American Gaming Association Have a Game Plan responsible gambling campaign in the United States.

NASCAR Endorses AGA’s Responsible Gambling Mission

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has announced its first partnership with the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) in a bid to educate fans on responsible gambling.

The partnership is part of the broader “Have a Game Plan, Bet Responsibly,” campaign, with NASCAR becoming the first professional sports league to back the campaign. NASCAR and AGA will pool their efforts to develop co-branded content and encourage sports bettors when to stop.

To dovetail with the NASCAR vernacular, AGA has coined the catchphrase “know when to pit.” The week between September 13 and September 19 is also AGA’s Responsible Gambling Education Week, which promotes responsible gambling initiatives.

NASCAR will distribute responsible gambling messages across its full array of social platforms as well as the national radio.’s betting center will also create original responsible gambling content to distribute among fans.

The betting center is usually a source for useful stats and odds information that NASCAR fans use to tailor their bets and make better decisions. Commenting on the new partnership, AGA SVP of Strategic Communications, Casey Clark, had this to say:

“Legal sports betting allows fans to engage with their favorite drivers and race teams in new, exciting ways. It is critically important to ensure they are informed about how to do so responsibly.”

AGA’s Positioned to Make a Difference in Responsible Gambling in the US

Scott Warfield, NASCAR’s head of gaming, added that AGA has a unique understanding of the convergence of legal betting and sports and how responsible gambling can be best tailored to fit with these.

“As sports bettors increasingly engage with NASCR, we look forward to working together to promote better education and resources that help prepare our fans for the rapidly expanding legal sports betting landscape,” Warfield had to add.

AGA launched the Have a Game Plan campaign back in 2019. As sports betting continues to grow in the United States, NASCAR signed its first sports betting partnership with a betting agency. The company teamed up with BetMGM in August.

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