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NASCAR Committed to Maintaining Responsible Sports Betting in 2022

NASCAR is revving up its commitment to responsible gambling with the 2022 Cup Series, joining the likes of DraftKings and BetMGM, who have signed notable drivers from the sport as their brand ambassadors. 

NASCAR Committed to Responsible Gambling 

The sports betting giants added Bubba Wallace and Richard Childress Racing, respectively, as their representatives in motorsports, looking to boost their brand awareness as well as raise awareness for responsible gambling.

NASCAR is already partnering with the American Gaming Association, a partnership that has been going strong for over a year now. As part of AGA’s official partner list, NASCAR is fully committed to delivering the right messages about sports betting, which is available in 32 states as of the time of reporting. 

The motorsport’s governing body was actually the first to back AGA’s “Have A Game Plan, Bet Responsibly” campaign. NASCAR managing director of sports betting Joe Solosky has praised the partnership between the organization and AGA:

“NASCAR partnered with the American Gaming Association and any betting issues we have, and we work with them with limits and any other gambling things.”

NASCAR managing director of sports betting Joe Solosky

Solosky confirmed that the organization wants to preserve its integrity, regardless of its partnerships with gambling companies. He reassured that the organization is frequently meeting with stakeholders to help determine what course of action would be best for the organization as a whole. 

AGA estimates that 142 million adult Americans have access to sports betting, with New Jersey already clocking $1 billion in sports betting handle. The numbers are set to continue growing, with the United States expected to become the second-largest gambling market behind China, where most of the activity is prohibited outside of the national lottery.

Sports Betting Should Be Predicated on Integrity 

Solosky is confident that all leagues are looking to secure closer ties with sports gambling and monetize their sports in a bid to boost engagement and grow each competition’s footprint. The National Football League (NFL) aired its first responsible gambling messages last week, and the NFL itself already has a number of authorized gambling operators.

NASCAR has been looking to partner with affiliate companies as well, including The Action Network, which runs the NASCAR BetCenter, providing unique experiences, insights, and content for NASCAR fans. NASCAR is also partnering with Genius Sports to explore further activations and opportunities. 

Solosky is optimistic about 2022 and what the year can bring the organization. “2022 is a big year for us because it’s the first year we’ll have an apples-to-apples comparison. We’ll have all of our partners for the whole season, and we’re going to activate some tracks,” he concluded. NASCAR recently added Fubo Sportsbook as one of its authorized partners in a bid to expand engagement and reach. 


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