Morocco Looks for Next National Lottery Operator

Morocco’s State Lottery is on the lookout for a new operator that can continue to develop the product offering, strengthen the lottery’s operational results, and generally create new offers that entice even more customers into taking a chance.

Eight-Year Contract on the Line

The state-owned company in control, La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports (MDJS), will award an eight-year contract that will start on January 1, 2023. As a result, the winning entity will gain access and control of running the country’s sports betting and lottery verticals on behalf of the MDJS.

The contract is even more valuable when you factor in a possible extension that could turn it into a very worthwhile offer for bidders. Anyone wishing to be the national lottery’s new operator would have to say so and submit all the necessary paperwork by April 4, 2022. The submissions will be handled both via post mail and during the opening sessions and directly to the chairman of the tender committee.

All tender documents are available in exchange for $1,100 from the MDSJ’s headquarters, which will allow bidders to familiarize themselves with the process and submit the appropriate paperwork. The awarding of a license would be an important part of the strategy of any company that wishes to boost its footprint in the region.

Morocco’s MDJS holds a virtual monopoly on the country’s sports betting, outside of horse and greyhound racing, which means that the winning entities will benefit from a fantastic portfolio. The more a tender winner can do to advance the MDJS’ lottery, the better its own results would be.

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