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Montana Lottery Joins Awareness-Raising Campaign

With the approaching of the Christmas holidays, some people might think that it is a good idea to give a lottery or a scratch-off ticket to a child or an adolescent. However, the Montana Lottery, which is controlled by the government of Montana, brings attention to this and states that these games could lead to early gambling addictions.

Children and Teenagers Involved in Gambling

Per the National Council on Problem Gambling, early gambling practices amongst children and adolescents, including lottery products, heighten the risk of gambling disorders in their future life. The most common forms of gambling for children and teenagers include card games, scratch-off cards, and lottery tickets.

Gift Responsibly Campaign

For that reason, Montana Lottery decided to be part of the Gift Responsibly Campaign. Daniel Iverson, content manager at Montana Lottery, commented that the said campaign is a national one and Montana Lottery would participate along with other lotteries in the country. He added that some of the materials are provided by the campaign, and others are made by the lotteries on their own. The important thing is to help people learn more about the risks of children and adolescents gambling and educate communities on the dangers of giving lottery tickets or scratch-off to children and young people.

Per statistics cited by addiction and recovery support groups, almost 70 percent of teenagers admitted to having been involved in gambling practices before turning 12.

According to Pew Research, approximately 5 percent of all teenagers aged between 11 and 17 years meet at least one of the criteria for developing a gambling problem, such as enjoying the rush, which they felt during gambling.

Unconscious Gifts

Iverson commented that when giving a ticket, a scratch ticket, or a lotto ticket to someone, who is under 18, most people think about having fun and do not realize that a child or an adolescent should not be exposed to that type of gambling yet. These tickets could be great gifts for Christmas, but only for adults.

Furthermore, young people under 18, who gamble, are exposed to a higher risk of developing other addictions and problems, such as alcohol and drug use, as stated by recent research. These teenagers are also more likely to face depression or anxiety problems.

The Montana Lottery is putting a message to raise awareness on their self-service lottery machines. Iverson further stated that the tagline, which says “tickets aren’t child’s play,” is used to make people who want to buy a ticket for a kid, think twice about it.

If you or a person you know may experience a gambling problem, do not hesitate to contact the National Problem Gambling Helpline, which will offer help and support. You can call or send a message to 1-800-522-4700 or visit their website.


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