MLB Player Association Looking for Sports Gambling Partnerships  

After the NCAAB has said it would not object to schools and conferences applying for partnerships with sports betting companies, and leveraging their data for financial gain, the MLB Players Association is looking to help players get the most out of their careers through similar arrangements. Players are now officially allowed to pursue collaborations with sports gambling companies through collective bargaining, and the association is keen to explore the available options on the table. Charlie Blackmon, the Colorado Rockies outfielder, is already an official brand ambassador for MaximBet.

MLB Players Want Players to Benefit

Sports Business Journal is reporting on the matter with MLB Players Inc. managing director Evan Kaplan telling the publication that the organization is planning to sign at least one deal, but possibly many others to follow. The details of these arrangements are still a little sparse, as Kaplan is not entirely sure when a deal may happen. He confirmed that the organization is collecting information in order to make this a reality.

There are also the different sports betting agencies to consider, with many prominent names possibly vying for the opportunity to sign up with the MLB. The recent changes in the MLB’s collective-bargaining agreement make it much easier for players to pursue such options. Kaplan is adamant that this is the right way forward as leagues and teams are able to create new opportunities for monetization that will ultimately benefit the sport, and all participants and give players a better opportunity to make a living.

The MLB has been supportive of the Player Association’s decision to explore such additional options. Players will now be able to effectively do the same thing that individual franchisees are already doing anyway, creating a more competitive market. Kaplan also clarified some of the other details that are still up in the air. For example, any player who partners with a gambling company may advertise it, as long as they are not pushing for betting on baseball.

All About the Players

It’s all about the players, though, Kaplan confirmed. “We work for the players – not the other way around,” he added. Blackmon’s addition to the MaximBet lineup of brand ambassadors is a pivotal moment in the coexistence between sports gambling and MLB. In the past, the league opposed the legalization of sports betting, fearing that it would cause “integrity issues.” This was never proved.

MLB agent and attorney Peter Pedalino helped Blackmon to arrange the partnership with MaximBet, forging history. The company launched in Colorado in 2021 and has been actively working to gain market share. As sports gambling companies continue to circle professional baseball, there will be more opportunities for individual players to realize their full potential.

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