Minnesota Lawmakers Will Make Another Push to Legalize Sports Betting

Minnesota residents will be pleased to know that legal sports betting in the state still has a chance of becoming a reality as a key state lawmaker has stated that he will make another push in the next session and do everything he can to legalize this industry.

Minnesotans Should Be Able to Bet on Sports Legally and Safely

Republican Zack Stephenson of the Democratic-Farmer-Liberal Party spoke on the topic on Thursday and said that the people of Minnesota should be able to engage in sports betting activities in a legal and safe manner, just like other states around the US. Stephenson added that it is his desire to start a conversation on a potential bill on sports betting that is yet to be written.

Considering the fact that he is the Chair of the House Commerce Committee, that conversation might happen sooner later rather than later. Stephenson is convinced that if sports betting becomes legal in Minnesota, which will bring the biggest change in the state’s gaming laws in many years.

However, he noted that the whole process is extremely complex as there are countless ways of how sports betting could be structured. Stephenson noted that at the moment, 32 states in the US have legalized sports betting and each one has had a different approach towards the industry.

The Minnesota Indian Gaming Board Might Allow Sports Betting

Stephenson knows that he will need to consult with the Native American tribes in Minnesota about the legislation. Over the years, the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association (MIGA) has been vocal and opposed all previous sports betting bills, but all of that might be changing now. The executive director of the association, Andy Platto, has stated that tribal governments that are making up MIGA have been closely examining the way of how sports betting has been implemented and grew across the US and how it impacts tribal communities.

Since tribes are experts in casino gaming activities, they are more than ready to share their knowledge and expertise with lawmakers in Minnesota and discuss the state’s future of sports betting.

The Minnesota Senate has also been resistant towards sports betting in past years when it comes to legalized sports betting. However, Senator Roger Chamberlain, R-Lino Lakes, stated that he intends to introduce the legislation again in the next session.

He explained his stance on the situation by saying that every person in Minnesota works hard to earn money and if he or she wants to have a bit of fun and place a bet on their favorite team, they shouldn’t have to travel all the way to Iowa or bet via an international gambling app. After all, he considers sports betting to be “good entertainment.”

However, Minnesotans should be careful as research shows that there are problem gamblers in the state. According to data, 33% of the gambling revenue in Minnesota is delivered by problem gamblers, which make up 3.3% of the total number of gamblers.

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