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Better Collective Acquires Remaining Stake in RotoGrinders Network

In 2019, leading sports media group Better Collective initiated the acquisition of RotoGrinders Network. Initially, the company acquired a 60% stake in RotoGrinders for some $20.8 million (€18 million). Now, Better Collective revealed that it had acquired the remaining 40% of the company.

Better Collective Acquires 100% Of Stake in RotoGrinders

Better Collective revealed on Thursday this week that it finalized the RotoGrinders acquisition. The company agreed to pay some $38.1 million (€33 million) for the remaining 40% stake in RotoGrinders. If we add the initial $20.8 million (€18 million) this means that overall, BC has paid a total of $58.9 million (€51 million) for 100% of the shares in RotoGrinders. This is an equivalent of 7.5x the EBITDA expected in 2021.

From the $38.1 million (€33 million) which will be paid for the remaining 40% stake, BC agreed to pay $25.4 million (€22 million) as cash consideration. The remaining part is expected to be paid in either cash or shares. BC outlined that the purchase price of the “remaining shares is dependent on financial performance in 2021 and the final price will be adjusted accordingly once financial results for 2021 have been announced.” Additionally, the company said that the two transactions must be completed no later than December 31, 2021.

RotoGrinders Sees Significant Growth since 2019

Although initially a decision was taken for BC and the selling shareholders to have mutual options to buy and sell the shares within a period between 2022 and 2024, the company revealed that a decision was taken “to accelerate the purchase and complete it in one transaction.” According to BC, since the purchase of the initial shares in 2019, RotoGrinders’ revenue more than doubled. The company revealed that the revenue grew 2.2 times when comparing 2021 to 2019. Moreover, EBITDA this year is 4.4x higher when compared to 2019.

Judging by a report by Vixio, the Gross Gaming Revenue of the US sports betting market in 2021 is approximately $2.5 billion. However, GGR is expected to grow significantly to $5.8 million by 2023. Moreover, the sports betting market is expected to exceed $40 billion GGR by 2030.

The rapid growth of the US betting market is expected to further fuel the growth of RotoGrinders, according to BC. According to the company, the acquisition will help create a strong platform for future growth which will be further supported by Better Collective US assets.

The Acquisition Brings Excitement for Both Companies

RotoGrinders’ CEO, Cal Spears, outlined that joining BC helped the company fully unlock its potential. He stressed that RotoGrinders is proud to announce significant growth which resulted in the accelerated acquisition.

Joining Better Collective a few years back helped us fully unlock the potential of the RotoGrinders network.

Cal Spears, CEO of RotoGrinders

Spears added that as a result, RotoGrinders’ team of more than 50 employees will be fully integrated into Better Collective US. In conclusion, he said that the company is excited to realize its potential and acknowledged that BC is perfectly positioned for US growth.

We are pleased to settle the full acquisition of the RotoGrinders Network earlier than originally planned.

Marc Pedersen, CEO of Better Collective US

Marc Pedersen, CEO of Better Collective US said that the company is pleased to complete the full acquisition of RotoGrinders Network earlier than planned. He outlined that since the initial acquisition BC has been impressed with RotoGrinders’ team and welcomed them to Better Collective’s family.


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