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Mindway AI’s Innovative Solution Revolutionizes Responsible Gaming

The new “Bet on Awareness” campaign marks an important milestone in global responsible gambling efforts, giving users an innovative way to control their spending

In a groundbreaking move to promote responsible gaming practices, three prominent entities – Mindway AI, eCOGRA, and CasinoReviews—have united to launch the innovative “Bet on Awareness” campaign in honor of Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM). The companies join other high-profile industry stakeholders to reduce problem gambling by ensuring players can access better gaming harm prevention tools.

Comprehensive Data Will Shape Improved Tools

Mindway AI’s cutting-edge tool, Gamalyze, lies at the core of its initiative. It revolutionizes the approach to self-assessment in gambling behavior. Unlike conventional methods, Gamalyze offers participants a dynamic and engaging experience through a 3-minute immersive card game session. This gamified approach not only enhances user engagement but also fosters self-awareness regarding gambling habits, encouraging responsible gaming practices.

Throughout the campaign, Mindway AI, eCOGRA, and CasinoReviews will collaborate on a comprehensive study utilizing the data gathered through Gamalyze. This research aims to provide invaluable insights into gambling habits and trends in 2024, offering a deeper understanding of player behavior. eCOGRA chief delivery officer Douwe Bijkersma was excited regarding the collaboration, hoping it would improve existing solutions.

Gamalyze is an innovative tool which allows players to self-test their gambling behavior and risk profile, a revolutionary concept we believe will benefit… the wider iGaming industry.

Douwe Bijkersma, eCOGRA chief delivery officer

The “Bet on Awareness” campaign complements the broader PGAM initiatives where industry stakeholders attempt to mitigate the inherent societal risks caused by gambling. This year’s campaign has been a resounding success, with high-profile operators like FanDuel spearheading the way for a safe, customer-orientated industry where users remain in control.

Gamalyze Spearheads a New Wave of Safe Gaming Solutions

This newest collaboration would be impossible without Mindway AI’s innovative technology. The company won the Safer Gambling Supplier distinction at the 2023 EGR North America Awards, cementing its position as a leading authority in player protection advancements. CEO Rasmus Kjaergaard expressed his excitement to champion responsible gaming, adding to a successful Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

Mindway AI has leveraged its industry-leading software by partnering with high-profile operators and consulting companies to refine its offerings and explore synergies that can lead to more personalized and effective gambling harm prevention and treatment. Mindway’s combination of human expertise and automated and powerful algorithms has shown promising results and should enjoy increased adoption in 2024.

As Problem Gambling Awareness Month unfolds, the “Bet on Awareness” initiative aims to spark meaningful conversations and drive positive change within the iGaming community. It showcases how AI can be used for good, returning control to the users and empowering them to make informed choices regarding their gambling behavior.

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