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Mindway AI and AnonyMind Team Up to Fight Gambling Addiction

Mindway AI and AnonyMind come together to identify at-risk players and prevent gambling addiction in the industry

The provider of player protection software Mindway AI has announced inking a fresh deal with the pioneer in gambling addiction treatment AnonyMind with the ultimate goal of generating solutions that would effectively identify players at risk and help them address their addiction before it becomes a serious problem. 

The two will use the synergy of their combined player protection technology and rich expertise in tackling problem gambling with premium treatment to create top solutions for operators. 

Earlier in the month, Mindway AI’s announced a similar partnership with Doura-Schawohl Consulting that the former’s chief executive officer called ”a great start of something awesome”. 

Detecting Early Signs of Problematic Gambling Behaviors 

Mindway AI will make use of its advanced software that relies on machine learning algorithms and the assessments completed by expert human psychologists to recognize risky gambling behavior. 

With the help of advanced data analysis focused on player data from neuroimaging and neuroscience, Mindway AI’s software will effectively detect early signs warning of potentially problematic behaviors. 

This will give operators the necessary insight that would help them successfully prevent gambling addiction. Mindway AI’s revolutionary technology has already been embraced and implemented by a number of big online gambling platforms spread across 21 countries. The software reaches over 6.5 million active players on a monthly basis.

All operators who will choose to integrate Mindway AI’s software will be given the opportunity to offer their players direct access to AnonyMind’s expert counseling solutions and, thus, be proactive in preventing and treating gambling addictions.

AnonyMind CarePlus Services

AnonyMind will focus on offering fully confidential psychological treatments based on evidence and customized needs to individuals fighting with their addiction. This will be accomplished through CarePlus services that will be provided by fully regulated and accredited Clinical Psychologists who will make use of bonafide treatment options. 

The list will include treatment schemes like Third Wave cognitive-behavioral therapy models, high-intensity cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral informed therapies, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapies. 

Third Wave cognitive-behavioral therapies put the focus on the holistic promotion of psychological and behavioral processes tied to well-being and health in the detriment of the elimination or reduction of emotional and psychological symptoms. 

These therapies usually incorporate a series of concepts including acceptance, spirituality, mindfulness, metacognition, and personal values. 

Dialectical behavioral informed therapies teach patients how to become more mindful and focus all their attention and thoughts with the purpose of yielding effective results. 

The same therapy concentrates on growing one’s tolerance to stressful scenarios and learning how to accept current situations, while looking for survival solutions and ways to tolerate problems without having to engage in any form of problematic behavior. 

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapies refer to comprehensive forms of psychotherapy that aid patients process their past experiences and recover from them with the help of side-to-side eye movements mixed with talk therapy in a structured manner. 

AnonyMind will effectively match individuals to the most suitable therapists who will thereon create fully-tailored treatments for them using a clinical formulation that will accurately match their needs. AnonyMind will also assist the family members of problem gamblers who may also seek support.

Mindway AI’s chief executive officer, Rasmus Kjaergaard, expressed their thrill for inking the new partnership with AnonyMind, “who share our commitment to addressing this important issue.” 

At the same time, AnonyMind head of partnerships Andrew Plummer spoke about the pioneering partnership that is expected to offer “independent, flexible and sustainable intervention support to prevent the escalation of harmful behaviors.”

At the head of the year, AnonyMind announced it would hire Andy Atha as its new chief operating officer.

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