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AnonyMind Hires Andy Atha as Its New COO

AnonyMind, a free-to-access online service that helps people overcome gambling disorders, has hired, Andy Atha, a professional with experience in both the gambling and the health industries.

Atha Becomes AnonyMind’s COO

Atha’s experience includes almost three years in Sky Betting & Gaming. He’s held various positions there, such as fraud consultant (a position he also had prior experience in), head of fraud, payments and real-time operation and most recently head of risk and responsibility. After that, Atha worked as a private gambling harm consultant for seven months before joining the British platform for medical video consultations Push Doctor.

Atha will assume the role of AnonyMind’s new chief operating officer and will use his knowledge to help to better understand gambling harm, identify the issues of problem gamblers and solve them. His valuable experience in gambling and consultation will be of great help for AnonyMind’s operations.

The new hire spoke about how he feels about joining AnonyMind. He revealed that he genuinely trusts the company’s vision:

“There is a huge need for easy access to effective treatment giving people the skills and support they need to cope with their issues while providing insight to gambling operators to devise and enhance their robust Responsible Gaming strategies.”

AnonyMind Andy Atha

Atha is firm that AnonyMind is well-poised to deal with the problem at hand and is more than willing to help them increase awareness of problem gambling.

“I’m leading from the front and can’t wait to meet a long list of existing and new gambling and healthcare industry contacts to discuss their pain points and our ability to solve them with our treatment solutions.”

AnonyMind’s Co-Founder is Convinced Atha Will Be of Great Help

Andy Iddon, the co-founder of AnonyMind, welcomed the new COO and called him “a perfect captain of AnonyMind’s ship.” Iddon trusts in the new hire’s experience and is sure that he is going to help with the company’s mission of relieving gambling harm and helping people at risk avoid or overcome their addiction.

Iddon is explained that his company seeks to help people avoid the traditional way of handling gambling harm, which is sometimes unpleasant to the clients:

“Our clinicians, clients we treat, and peers we work with appreciate that compulsive gamblers face barriers in accessing traditional walk-in and residential treatment, from stigma and GP referrals to waiting lists and the cost and time of attending face-to-face centers. With our client-first model of online treatment, we’re proving those barriers can be removed.”

AnonyMind co-founder Andy Iddon

AnonyMind is a young but ambitious company and a subsidiary of Leon House Private Clinic. It was founded in 2020 and by 2021 saw a 600% increase in registrations, thanks to people becoming more aware of the tools and services they can use to avoid becoming problem gamblers.

Avoiding gambling harm has been one of the hot topics of the industry with many major gambling operators realizing the need of maintaining a healthy gambling space and avoid exposing risk groups to gambling harm


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