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Responsible Gambling Remains a Key Priority for Flutter

Licensed operators around the world follow various rules depending on the jurisdictions they operate in. Anti-money laundering (AML) and responsible gambling efforts are key rules which licensees follow to ensure player protection. In contrast, black market or unlicensed operators do not adhere to such requirements, which puts the consumers that use those operators at risk.

One operator that has been constantly on the lookout to ensure safer gambling is Flutter Entertainment. In a recent statement, Flutter’s CEO for UK and Ireland, Conor Grant reaffirmed that the company remains committed to safer gambling.

Flutter to Introduce New Deposit Limits for Users under Age 25

Flutter’s CEO revealed that the company is a pioneer within the gaming industry, introducing changes that are looking for a meaningful impact for its consumer base. One such change, according to Grant, is the new £500 ($663) monthly deposit limits valid for users under the age of 25. The new measure is expected to be implemented early next year and its main goal is to “encourage sensible spending habits.”

According to Flutter, a major part of its customers do not spend “nowhere near that limit”, regardless, the company introduced the measure as a “safety net for those that need it.” Grant added that based on research of the industry and other industries, Flutter has found that younger consumers have a higher risk profile. This is precisely why the company introduced this new measure seeking to protect potentially vulnerable users.

The Company Introduced Multiple Measures to Boost Responsible Gambling

Another active measure that was taken by Flutter is the “Affordability Triple Step Approach.” Here, Grant explained that by using cutting-edge technology, the company closely monitors the behaviors of its clients. This monitoring includes financial vulnerability checks. Flutter added that thanks to this approach, the company can take action when needed while at the same time “minimizing unnecessary friction for the majority of our customers who enjoy a flutter safely.”

Other proactive initiatives include the whistle-to-whistle ban on advertising for sporting events on TV as well as the ban on credit card use for online and retail. Additionally, Flutter vowed to help problem gambling treatment and education in Ireland by donating 1% of Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) by 2023. The company said that, based on the reported NGR in 2020, the contribution this year will be €1.25 million ($1.41 million). However, these contributions are expected to hit €3 million ($3.4 million) in 2023.

It is our shared mission to provide the best experience for customers in a safe and sustainable way that has led us to where we are today.

Conor Grant, CEO of Flutter UK & Ireland

Grant added that the proactive measures are the result of the hard work of the talented team at Flutter. He acknowledged that the company remains committed to providing unique while at the same time safe gambling experiences for its users. Last but not least, Grant acknowledged that Flutter welcomed the launch of the Gambling Act review that started last December. He said that the company has consistently supported raising the “responsibility threshold for all operators.”


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