December 13, 2021 3 min read

Les Ambassadeurs Commits To Donating 1% of Its Revenue to GambleAware

The Les Ambassadeurs casino in London has decided to increase its donations to the GambleAware charity ten times. With the start of 2022, the casino will start providing the anti-gaming harm initiative with 1% of its gross gaming revenues.

Les Ambassadeurs Increases Its Support

Before making this move, Les Ambassadeurs used to donate 0.1% to fund GambleAware’s cause. Now, as gambling as a whole has grown in popularity, the casino has decided to demonstrate its devotion to a safer betting ecosystem, free of gambling harm. Les Ambassadeurs has done so by significantly increasing its funding to the safer gambling charity and its crucial work.

Kevin McGowen, chief executive officer of Les Ambassadeurs, commented on the move, saying that he and his team wholeheartedly trust in GambleAware’s expertise and robust commissioning strategy. McGowen is sure that the charity will “deliver measurable outcomes” and is glad to be a part of the fight for a healthier gambling space.

“This shows that we are determined to go above and beyond the letter and spirit of the Gambling Commission’s licensing guidance in this respect,” he said, “Les Ambassadeurs is wholeheartedly committed to championing safer gambling practices and helping to raise standards across the industry to offer support to anyone at risk of gambling harm.”

McGowen vowed to continue supporting causes and organizations that work to ensure a healthier gambling field. 

GambleAware Hopes More Operators Will Realize The Importance of Its Cause

Zoë Osmond, the chief executive officer of GambleAware, also spoke on the matter. She is thankful for Les Ambassadeurs’ increased funding and considers it to be an important step for the better future of the industry.

“Commitments such as this play a vital part in supporting GambleAware’s delivery of its new strategy, which is working towards the overall vision of a society safe from gambling harms,” she underlined.

Osmond added that she hopes more operators will follow Les Ambassadeurs’ example and will realize the importance of committing to the prevention and treatment of gambling harms.

GambleAware’s recognized cause for crushing problem gambling is supported by various bodies within Britain’s gambling market. In late October 2021, the charity revealed that it has received $14.6 in funding during the first half of 2021.

The safer gambling body soon put this funding into use. In November, the charity spent $335,000 on a gambling harm research, focused on female bettors. About a week ago, GambleAware spent another $400,000 on research, focusing on gambling harm among minorities.


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