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BettingPros, SharpSports Team Up to Offer Bettors Unique Experiences

SharpSports and BettingPros entered a partnership that will incorporate the BetLink technology of SharpSports to all products by BettingPros. With the deal, one-stop-shop betting content will be provided to customers with the intent of offering them a quality experience.

Bettors Will Be Able to Track, Analyze and Share Picks

With the Synced Picks feature, punters will be allowed to share, analyze and track their picks. North America’s top sportsbooks will include this feature, and they will use it to attract more customers to their platforms.

The founder and CEO of SharpSports, Ryan Murphy, stated that the company is more than thrilled to be working with one of the best betting providers on the market to provide punters with something new and unique. He added that BettingPros shares the same vision as SharpSports, which is empowering customers and “giving them a seamless experience.” He ended by saying that ShaprSports couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

Marzen Media’s CEO and co-founder, David Kim, also commented on the newly established partnership. He said that everyone at BettingPros and Marzen Media is aware of how troubling bet tracking can be and that is why they are happy to be “part of the solution.” He ended by saying that the company is eager to see what lies ahead.

Marzen Media is one of the most successful content creators when it comes to sports betting and fantasy sports. It owns and operates numerous apps and platforms, one of which is BettingPros, which is their most prominent brand and one that is likely to solidify its spot as a top content provider in the said fields.

US Betting Is On The Rise Ever Since 2018

Betting in the US has been on a massive expansion trend ever since the US Supreme Court deemed PASPA to be unconstitutional in 2018. Since then, the industry has been expanding as more than half of the states have legalized online sports betting.

Recently, Morning Consult reported an increase in sports betting in the country. Data shows that around 12% of the population places a bet at least once a week. The main focus of sports betting operators is the younger population, especially under 35s.

A recent analysis by Joseph Greff shows that online sports betting and online gambling will continue to expand in the US in the coming years. According to the analysis, the number of jurisdictions that allow sports betting will reach 37 by 2025. Greff also acknowledged the fact that the competition on the market is increasing as there are a lot of operators that offer their services to punters where sports betting is legal.

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