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Michele Spiteri: “The More Our Clients Rely on Us for Localization Solutions, The Easier Their Life Becomes”

All-in Global embraces the future of iGaming and sports betting content by leveraging powerful AI algorithms overseen by human editors. At a time when sportsbooks and gaming clients are constantly looking for ways to engage with fans, All-in’s paradigm-shifting solutions are leading the way. We sat down with company CCO Michele Spiteri to discuss the future that AI will play in content localization and how it would impact human work, and, more importantly, how it would create fresh opportunities for existing businesses.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about All-in Global, your role in the gaming and sports betting industries, and how you leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to translate and scale content for the industry?

A: Our AI offering was built with platform and other technology providers in mind. Previously, we would work on massive projects for large-scale providers, but how localization fits in with their technologies would be complex, as too would the content itself, which could be generic and data-led (betting markets, odds, etc.). 

Our new AI-driven product enables a sports betting platform provider to plug in and offer its solution to operators ready for multiple markets. The same goes for slots: we handle the translations for slot and casino games day in day out, and in most instances, the in-game content is structured and repetitive. 

Along with our unique client glossaries and translation memories, AI helps developers enter new markets effectively and more quickly without jeopardizing the quality of the translation. 

Q: Delivering a powerful tool that facilitates the content-production process is ambitious and what any company would need to scale up volumes. How does your AI tech help you ensure that the resulting content is of the highest quality?

A: Since AI is getting more and more integrated into our lives, it was do-or-die, embrace to survive situation for us. 

What the industry and our clients need to understand here is that the same translators that have worked with All-in Global for more than a decade are still very much part of the AI service. They are still greatly involved with the projects they have always worked on. Needless to say, all our clients are incredibly happy with their assigned translation teams. 

What these translators also do now is work alongside our engines, updating translation memories and helping to train our engines, and, most importantly, post-edit the content. In fact, now we have two sets of eyes checking over a project once our high-performance engines have created the raw output. 

With our ISO accreditation, our rigorous internal procedures still remain, including the human post-editors, our QA team, and our project management team. In addition, we will soon have the ISO 18587:2017 certification that provides requirements for the process of full, human post-editing of machine translation output and post-editors competencies.

But AI is not just about quality, scale, or price offer. It is also about improving our internal processes to ensure client content is handled in a hazard-free and secure environment. Our AI engines were built with this ethos of safety in mind. 

Last but not least, our AI service allows us to connect to and work more closely with our client’s technology allowing us to change our business model and offer localization as a SaaS to the industry for the first time.

Q: Is your AI equally good at producing content in numerous verticals, or are there areas you still need to catch up on?

Yes, our AI engines have been trained in all areas of content used across all known niches in the iGaming industry. They are especially good for sports betting and esports content covering all betting markets, data, in-game casino and table game text, compliance and regulatory materials, and general on-site content. 

Of course, the quality and accuracy of AI translations will keep improving as we continue to update our translation memories and train our engines. 

Q: Do you think your solution makes it possible for smaller companies to throw their hat into the arena and compete against better-established firms with bigger budgets? 

A: Due to regulation, businesses (operators, developers, and platforms alike) are taking a strategic approach to market entry which allows them to budget more effectively for their content and localization needs. For us, this means having much earlier discussions with clients to help them prepare for their market entry through content, SEO, and localization. 

The AI service forms part of wider discussions to help the industry tap into new markets. We work with businesses of all sizes, and they all need to factor in their content strategy into their budgets.

Q: Is there one specific vertical you prioritize? We feel the content is one of the focal points of the esports industry, but perhaps not as much in iGaming. Do you think one vertical is more content-hungry, or is this a myth?

A: We are very much led by our clients. For esports operators like Luckbox or Unikrn, highly relevant content coverage and video content are an important part of their acquisition and retention strategies. The same goes for sports betting, especially during major events. 

Sportsbooks are constantly creating fresh content to keep their players engaged both during and around events on multiple platforms. I don’t think it is about the vertical here. All players, whether slot gamers or football punters, will be interested in reading content that ‘speaks’ to them in a striking way. 

What’s changing is how and where players like to read content, and it’s obvious that social media and video content will grow to be hugely popular in the future landscape of iGaming content. 

Q: You have increased the cost efficiency and delivery times on behalf of clients by a staggering 40% using a tailored approach. What further improvements do you see to your offer that can improve the quality of life for your customers?

A: We’re continually improving the products and services we offer our clients, and we are very much led by their changing needs. All-in Global’s AI+human post editor product complements our well-established premium human localization service, where our team identifies exactly the nature of localization our clients require. 

What’s more, our plug-in features will continue to improve and adapt to our clients’ needs to make life much easier for them. That being said, the earlier we are involved with our client’s expansion plans, the more we can do to ensure their technology can be localized efficiently for the long term. 

Our clients need to focus on their core business of acquiring and retaining players, so the more they can rely on us for a full turnkey content localization solution, the easier their life becomes. 


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