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MGM Resorts Revamped Loyalty Offers Better Earning and Redeeming Options

A new loyalty program is going to roll out at MGM Resorts International this February, with the revamped initiative allowing consumers to benefit from various perks at any of the operator’s 20 leading destinations in the United States.

Expanding the Scale and Benefits of the Rewards Program

The company is effectively merging the non-gaming and gaming MGM Rewards Points, which will expand the experiences that customers can have on-site across sectors such as food and beverage, hospitality, and entertainment. The merger will not change the structure of the loyalty program, though, which remains focused on Sapphire, Peral, Gold, Platinum, and Noir, listed in ascending order.

MGM Resorts International hopes to create a loyalty program that delivers impeccable quality and elevates each guest or customer’s interaction with the properties. The program will now feature Slot Dollars, which are awarded for playing at any of the brand’s slot games.

There are however new proprietary perks that customers may tap into, including MGM Rewards concert tickets and exclusive tier appreciation events.

Additionally, customers may waive some of the resort fees or get suite upgrades. The program has been long in the making. MGM Resorts VP of loyalty marketing Anil Mansukhani said:

“As every guest experiences our properties in unique ways, MGM Rewards is designed to recognize and reward every member with experiences uniquely suited to their preferences, whether that’s attending an incredible concert, enjoying a world-class meal or staying in a luxury suite.”

MGM Resorts VP of loyalty marketing Anil Mansukhani

Loyalty Programs Are All the Rage

The idea behind the program is to boost the earning and redeeming potential for each customer, which has long been one of the main points of feedback the MGM Resorts properties have been collecting. Once on the MGM Resorts program, a customer will be able to earn anywhere and spend those points anywhere as well.

Revamping hotel and casino experiences is not exactly a new strategy. It is well-established and engrained in the gaming industry as a whole. Previously, Penn National and Choice Hotels decided to merge their loyalty programs. All the way back in 2020, Caesars Entertainment extended its loyalty programs to Eldorado Resorts properties it had acquired.


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