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MGC Fines Fanatics for Offering In-State College Bet

The MGC argued that accepting a wager on an in-state college in a non-tournament game was strictly prohibited and that the violation was not excusable

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), the state’s gambling regulator, has issued a fine of $10,000 to Fanatics Sportsbook. According to the authority, the gambling company violated the state’s betting rules by allowing customers to wager on an in-state collegiate sports team.

The bet in question was placed in December last year. The MGC learned that the Fanatics Sportsbook took a $50 futures bet on the game between Boston College and SMU.

Fanatics didn’t notice the error until the next day but when it did, the company canceled the wager and refunded the customer. Luckily, the game was set to take place on December 28 and the situation could be corrected before the collegiate match happened.

Despite its quick intervention, Fanatics still received a fine. The MGC argued that accepting a wager on an in-state college in a non-tournament game was strictly prohibited and that the violation was not excusable. Fanatics Sportsbook accepted the decision.

According to Jordan Maynard, MGC’s interim chairman, the commission’s goal is to “set the goalposts” and make sure that they are followed. Because of that, he reaffirmed the decision to issue a fine to Fanatics.

Fanatics Isn’t the First One to Make This Mistake

Fanatics Sportsbook isn’t the first bookmaker to accidentally violate the sports betting rules. Since Massachusetts sports a unique approach to wagering, certain operators are still having trouble finding their way around.

In February, for example, BetMGM got under fire for allegedly accepting prohibited wagers on collegiate sports. Just like Fanatics, the company was accused of accepting bets on in-state college teams.

For context, Massachusetts only allows betting on collegiate teams when it’s out of state, effectively restricting wagering on in-state collegiate sports.

Earlier this year, Encore Boston Harbor received a $40,000 fine for allowing wagers on in-state schools on its premises.

Other MA Industry News

In other news, the MGC recently vowed to discuss certain betting restrictions with gambling industry stakeholders. The regulator is interested in the reason why some gambling companies have been placing limits on individuals who are consistently winning.

In the meantime, a new report highlighted some of the pros and cons of working at a casino in the state. The Casino Job Quality report showed that the state’s three land-based casinos are meeting most of their diversity employment targets but are still struggling in other equity departments.


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