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Massachusetts Regulator to Review Winning Bettor Restrictions

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will discuss the topic with industry stakeholders during an upcoming roundtable

Deposit and spending limits are among the most popular forms of responsible gambling tools used by many bettors across the United States where the activity is legal. While usually, such limits are voluntary, if operators notice excessive gambling, it is their duty of care to enforce limits or even restrict certain individuals from betting.

This is the case for depositing and limits related to losses. However, a small number of bettors are aware that operators may also enforce limits on individuals who are consistently winning. This is precisely the topic that will be discussed during an upcoming meeting organized by the gambling regulator in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC).

The Commission disclosed details regarding the upcoming debate which will take place on Tuesday at 11 AM. Last week, the gambling regulator disclosed the agenda for the Sports Wagering Operator Wager Limitations Roundtable, highlighting that the discussion will include Category 3 and Category 1 sports betting operators, as well as bettors and representatives of responsible gambling organizations.

Currently, there are seven licensed sports betting operators in Massachusetts. The list includes FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook, BetMGM, ESPN Bet and Fanatics. All of the aforementioned operators currently offer their services. A launch of Bally’s, the seventh betting operator in the state, is expected at some point this summer.

Betting Operators to Answer Series of Questions

The MGC released a list of topics that will be discussed during the upcoming meeting. The first topic on the agenda asks the operators how and why betting limits may be enforced and what is the individual approach for each bettor. Additionally, the betting operators will be asked to explain what a bettor experiences after being affected by an involuntary limit enforced due to winnings.

“What are the responsible gaming implications if patron limits are more heavily regulated,” is another topic on the agenda. Licensed betting operators will be asked about the impact on the sector if legislation forbids the enforcement of individual limits due to winnings. Finally, the providers will be asked: “What are other jurisdictions and/or other sportsbooks doing?”

We’re engaged. Our teams here are meeting about what it looks like. As you know, we are the first jurisdiction that I know of to tackle this kind of head-on, and so we want to make sure that we get this right.

Jordan Maynard, chair at the MGC

Jordan Maynard, MGC’s chair, who was recently interviewed by, reaffirmed the Commission’s dedication to tackle this issue. He said that Massachusetts marks the first US state to “tackle this kind of head-on,” and added that it is important to hear everyone involved in the discussion.

This is not the first time the limits to accounts of bettors due to winning have raised concerns. Many bettors, affected by the practice complained online over the last few years. Yet, the debate raises further questions about the duty of care of the betting operators, who would easily enforce limits to winning bettors but may just as easily fail to scrutinize people who are piling losses.

Still, it’s important to note that enforcing limits against bettors who are consistently winning isn’t against the law. Betting operators are at liberty to do so per policies within the terms and conditions their users agree to.


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