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Messi Turned Inter Miami into the Most Bet on Team, Kambi Says

The popularity of Inter Miami is poised to explode even further as Messi is about to be joined by his former Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez

Kambi, a B2B provider of sports betting services, has reported that the arrival of the soccer legend Lionel Messi at Inter Miami has led to an unprecedented spike in Major League Soccer betting activity.

As reported by the sports betting specialist, the popularity of Inter Miami and the MLS as a whole has skyrocketed, leading to a whopping 33% increase in bets on the MLS compared to 2022. This announcement comes ahead of the MLS Cup this weekend and highlights the growing growth of soccer and betting in the US.

For reference, Lionel Messi, who previously helped Argentina win the FIFA 2022 World Cup, joined Inter Miami in July, revitalizing interest in the MLS and MLS betting among Kambi’s operator partners.

In fact, Inter Miami quickly cemented itself as the most bet on MLS team of the year thanks to the addition of Messi to its roster. For reference, the ex-Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain player forward played six times and scored four goals in the MLS. Inter Miami also participated in 8 of the 10 most bet on games during the season.

Prior to the acquisition of Messi, Inter Miami was only the 15th most bet on team.

Messi Helped Inter Miami Rise

Messi’s contribution to Inter Miami is not surprising considering the soccer star’s immense popularity. The player quickly cemented himself as the most bet on player in the MLS over the past four years, exceeding the bets on Denis Bouanga, the second most bet on player, by a whopping 140%.

Kambi’s head of soccer, Jonathon Hurst, commented on Messi’s contribution to the MLS, saying that it is a “landmark moment” the importance of which cannot be understated. According to Hurst, the popularity of Inter Miami is poised to explode even further as Messi is about to be joined by his former Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez.

Hurst added that Messi has an undisputable global appeal that will continue to positively affect his team.

Messi’s global appeal and star power have captured the attention of fans worldwide, and this has translated into a significant increase in betting engagement on MLS matches.
Jonathon Hurst, head of soccer, Kambi

Speaking of Kambi, the group just proceeded with a $3 million share buyback program that will be conducted over several transactions on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm.


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