December 8, 2023 3 min read


Brazil Seeks to Stop Illegal Gambling Promotion by Influencers

Companies that breach these promotion restrictions would risk fines of up to 2% of their revenue to a maximum of $10.2 million

Brazil continues to move forward with its sports betting legislation despite still experiencing setbacks. As the coming of wagering to the Latin American country seems around the corner, Brazil continues to revise its rules on advertising.

Two days ago, the Chamber of Deputies’ Communication Committee greenlit bill 3915/2023, which seeks to restrict the promotion of unlicensed gambling by influencers and digital celebrities. This proposal would mitigate the negative impact of the black market on younger players, lawmakers believe.

Since unlicensed gambling operators rarely offer a sufficient level of player protection to their players, Brazilian legislators believe that its promotion may lead to significant losses. This, paired with the influence digital celebrities have on younger audiences, may lead to higher problem gambling rates among the Brazilian youth.

The New Rules Envision Strict Sanctions for Violators

As a result, the new bill prohibits digital influencers from promoting unregulated gambling products and companies. The same rules apply to overseas entities that target the local market. It covers content on social media, video-sharing platforms, livestreaming services and other digital platforms.

Under Bill 3915/2023, Brazil will require many of the big digital media platforms, such as Facebook and TikTok to join forces with the local authorities and ensure that inappropriate content is reported and taken down.

The bill envisions fines for entities that violate its rules. Companies that breach these promotion restrictions risk fines of up to 2% of their revenue to a maximum of $10.2 million (converted to USD). Under the bill, online influencers also risk a permanent ban.

As mentioned, the bill was already given a go-ahead by the Chamber of Deputies’ Communication Committee. Now, it is up to the Finance and Taxation Commission to decide whether the bill would go to the Constitution and Justice Commission. If approved by the two entities, bill 3915/2023 will be eligible for further evaluation and plenary vote.

In the meantime, sports betting in Brazil continues to be delayed amid disagreements and calls for ambitious amendments. While the country is in the later stages of discussing betting legislation, its future remains uncertain.

This means bad news for Entain, which was just forced to shut down its dotcom operations in unregulated markets. While the DPA says that the company may request its exit date to be postponed if there are reasonable grounds to consider that the process of regulation will be completed within a reasonable time of the exit, Brazil’s slower pace when it comes to legislation may be a setback to the company.


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