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Mark Kemp Joins DAZN BET as Its New Chief Executive

DAZN BET, DAZN Group’s newest challenger sports betting brand, is ready to conquer the market. The new subsidiary is poised for success thanks to its strong team, which has been further reinforced with the addition of Mark Kemp as chief executive officer.

DAZN BET Welcomes Kemp as CEO

Mark Kemp is an industry heavyweight and has worked in various management positions for several influential companies in the sector. In 2011, Kemp joined the British gambling company Coral and served as the gaming director of its digital, retail, and omni operations. Gala Coral Group was acquired by Ladbrokes in 2016 and rebranded to Ladbrokes & Coral where Kemp served as a product director before getting promoted to managing director.

Kemp left Ladbrokes & Coral in 2019, after which he had a two-year tenure as the managing director of UK Tote Group. In July 2021, Kemp served a short stint as the chief executive officer of the Irish bookmaker BoyleSports. Kemp left the company after less than a year.

As chief executive of DAZN BET, Kemp will help the company realize its dream to disrupt the betting market by developing state-of-the-art products that engage the casual sports bettor. The company seeks to cater to the needs of those who play for fun and wants to enhance their experiences with premium sports content.

Kemp Is Excited to Disrupt the Market

Mark Kemp spoke about his position, saying that he is delighted to join DAZN BET, a brand he called “exciting.” He said that he is sure DAZN Group’s experience in sports media will help the company deliver recreational content that is relevant and engaging to the contemporary audience.

Kemp added that he is looking forward to working with the rest of DAZN BET’s talented team:

“I am looking forward to working with the new team and DAZN to build an engaging and responsible new entertainment proposition for sports fans across the world.”

Ian Turnbull, the executive vice president of betting for DAZN Group, shared his thoughts about DAZN BET’s vision and the company’s drive for delivering richer content to its customers. He said:

We know that fans want more integrated, immersive, and interactive experiences as they enjoy long-form content. DAZN is giving them that.

DAZN Group executive VP of betting Ian Turnbull

DAZN BET is DAZN’s Group’s newest brand. It was launched a few days ago thanks to a partnership deal between DAZN Group and Pragmatic Solutions. The new brand hopes to disrupt casual sports betting with innovative and exciting content. Pragmatic Solutions’ passion for innovation is one of the keys to DAZN BET’s success.


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