April 25, 2022 3 min read

Ladbrokes’ Mates Mode Emphasizes the Fun of Betting with Friends

Ladbrokes Australia, a gambling and sports betting company, has unveiled Mates Mode – a new advert that demonstrates how betting brings people together through the power of community wagering. 

Everything Is Better with Friends

The operator released a promotional advert that shows the closeness of four friends who do everything together. The commercial begins with a guy reaching across to grab his phone and bet on the Ladbrokes app when his three friends join in to help him pick up the device.

The video then cuts to the four friends partaking in various activities. The hilarious commercial represents the guys’ friendship in an exaggerated manner, showing that they always assist each other – even when it comes to picking up their dog’s poop. The friends also skydive together, go to the beach and even dance alongside each other at one of the guys’ wedding. At the end of the video, the four guys rejoice after winning a horseracing bet.

The feeling of camaraderie is reinforced by the background song, “Thank You for Being a Friend” – a piece that served as the main theme of The Golden Girls – a sitcom from the 80s.

The Operator Urged Fans to “Ladbreak It Together”

Mates Mode’s goal is to show how fun betting can be when it is done with friends. Ladbrokes Australia emphasized that its users can chat on the operator’s platform, share their experiences and bet together, making wagering a team effort.

James Burnett, chief marketing officer of Entain Group Australia, Ladbrokes’ parent company, spoke about the new campaign, saying that his team is thrilled to offer fans Mates Mode and allow them to share their betting experiences.

Burnett said that Ladbrokes knows that there is nothing more fun that the opportunity to experience sports and racing with friends. This sentiment is what inspired the operator to take a more community-oriented approach and allow people with tools to connect with one another and share tips.

Burnett added that he hopes the new commercial will bring a smile to customers’ faces. The Mates Mode commercial has been created by The Monkeys, an Australian advertising agency from Sydney. It is a part of Ladbrokes’ community-oriented campaign Ladbroke It Together.

Ladbrokes is known for its entertaining ads, although they do not always suit the tastes of the regulators in the markets where the company operates. Last year, the operator was forced to take down one of its commercials in Great Britain after the Advertising Standards Authority deemed it to promote “socially irresponsible gambling behavior.”


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