March 11, 2022 3 min read

March Madness Coverage to Run Extensively on DraftKings

DraftKings is ready to bring you ample coverage of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament that is kicking off in the conditions of massive sports betting interest. The sportsbook itself is offering numerous markets across dozens of states in the USA and will make sure that you don’t miss any of the available brackets.

March Madness Elicits Strong Action from American Bettors  

Because of the relaxation of anti-collegiate betting sentiments in the United States, the size of the betting market for the event known as March Madness has grown significantly over the years. The American Gaming Association estimates that over 40 million Americans already wager on collegiate sports and the NCAA tournament. Since February this year, New York State is also part of the family of betting states.

Collegiate bets are accepted other than bets on in-state college teams. The tournament is so important to the US betting schedule that Bally’s Corporation is even using it to promote its sports betting product through the Bally Bracket, a free-to-play game that will offer you $100 million if you guess the outcomes of all games from the March Madness contests.

March Madness is almost upon us, too, and DraftKings intends to cover it all. The event kicks off on March 15 and will be running through April 4 with 68 college teams joining the event for one of the fiercest competitive events. Many of these college athletes will have a chance to transition directly to the NBA later.

DraftKings welcomed the opportunity to be covering the event extensively, with the company CMO Brian Angiolet arguing that viewers will be welcome to follow the action throughout March Madness directly on DraftKings.

“As viewers turn their eyes to the college hoops post-season, DraftKings will deliver new content catering to the skin-in-the-game fan. We’ve assembled a diverse lineup of sports personalities and voices to engage customers and provide a unique perspective on the bracket.”

DraftKings CMO Brian Angiolet

VSiN to Run Dedicated Coverage to Help Bettors

DraftKings is planning on two different events that will involve many sports personalities and analysts. The company will collaborate with the Vegas Sports Information Network (VSiN) to produce these shows and ensure that sports fans get ample coverage of the upcoming action.

VSiN’s Tournament Betting Breakdown will run from 7 pm through 1 am EST which will focus on breaking down the betting data and offer sports betting fans a better understanding of the brackets – perhaps even help with your Bally Bracket game and a chance to win the $100 million.

The VSiN’s 2022 Bracket Strategy Guide will also become available right at the start of the tournament, too.


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