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AstroPay Expands in LATAM, Provides Several Countries with Payment Links

The online payment service provider AstroPay is pressing on the LATAM market. The company unveiled its intentions to expand its reach to Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, providing its B2B Payment Links offering to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

LATAM Is Important to AstroPay

Clients in those countries can now use AstroPay’s cutting-edge Payment Links technology which allows businesses to receive payments through custom links sent by customers. The solution also works with mobile phone numbers.

AstroPay’s payment products provide secure ways to pay, helping both companies and customers in their dealings. The flexible solutions allow the latter to pay in either their local currency or in US dollars.

The expansion announcement follows AstroPay’s decision to launch in Brazil in December last year. The company now influences the larger part of the LATAM markets – a key region for the provider’s goal of becoming a global powerhouse.

The company has noted that the region is a core pillar in the company’s plans because of the prevalence of small and medium businesses there. Speaking in numbers, the SMEs up 99% of the total companies in Peru and Mexico. Not only are they a majority, but new ones keep popping up all the time – it has been estimated that the Colombian small and medium-sized companies increased by 10.6% between 2020 and 2021.

AstroPay Aims to Make Things Easier for Smaller Companies

AstroPay’s chief executive officer, Mikael Lijtenstein, commented on the LATAM region and his company’s mission. He noted that many of the small businesses there fail to get big enough to be allowed to accept credit card payments. This is where AstroPay’s solutions come into play – thanks to the Payment Links tech, all those SMEs can have an alternative to dealing with cash.

Lijtenstein noted that this also helps smaller businesses stay competitive with their bigger rivals. He added that Payment Links are cost-effective and flexible and will be a welcome addition to many companies. He explained:

 “With AstroPay’s Payment Links capability, micro and small business owners can offer their customers a quick, easy, and convenient way to pay, and it’s affordable to accept payments.” 

AstroPay’s payment solutions are preferred by numerous businesses and organizations. In December 2021, the company teamed up with Burnley FC and soon after strengthened its partnership with the club, demonstrating a commitment to women’s football.

In February, AstroPay rolled out cryptocurrency payment options, following the quick growth of the sector.


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