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Man Wins Almost $1M after Sister Dreams about Him Finding Gold

In an interview with lottery officials, Atwell explained about his sister’s dream and added that “dreams do come true”

A North Carolina man’s sister told him that she dreamt about him finding gold. Shortly after, the man proceeded to win almost a million dollars from the lottery.

David Atwell, a man from Kannapolis, bought his winning ticket at Jiffy Quik for just a dollar. On April 27, the small investment netted Atwell some $837,187.

According to the North Carolina Education Lottery, Atwell was playing the Cash 5 game. The game boasts a progressive jackpot that starts at $100,000 and continues to increase until someone wins. Players can pay an additional dollar to activate the Double Play feature and have their numbers added to a second drawing.

In an interview with lottery officials, Atwell explained about his sister’s dream and added that “dreams do come true.” The man added that he considers himself to be a lucky person and is the luckiest in his family. Despite that, Atwell was stunned to learn that he had won the jackpot.

At first, I saw the jackpot went back down to $100,000 so I knew someone hit it. I had no idea it was me.

David Atwell

Atwell was so expressive in his excitement that he scared his cat, his wife told lottery officials.

The man claimed his prize at the NC Education Lottery HQ in Raleigh on April 30. After taxes, he claimed $598,591. In his interview with the lottery, Atwell said that he would use the money to pay some bills. The man also expressed his intention to donate some of his winnings to his local church.

Other Recent Lottery Winners

Speaking of jackpots, the DraftKings Network just published information about the biggest DraftKings Casino jackpot winners in April. By the end of the month, the gambling operator had handed a total of 18 jackpots of over $100,000, some as high as $1 million or more.

In the meantime, a woman from Massachusetts just won the lottery for a second time in ten weeks. Christine Wilson won two $1 million prizes playing two separate games, namely 100X Cash and Lifetime Millions.

In Minnesota, the popular Lotto America game crowned two back-to-back lottery winners. The first won $3.73 million, while the second took a prize of $3.11 home.


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