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LVL Clash 2 Valorant Tournament: Schedule, Teams, Where to Watch

The Ignition Series are drawing to an end with the final event, LVL Clash 2 VALORANT, taking place on Friday, August 28. All 16 teams have been revealed and the groups have been set.

LVL Clash 2 VALORANT Tournament Overview

The European VALORANT competitive scene is developing quickly with another great competition on the cards. Part of the Ignition Series, the LVL Clash 2 VALORANT tournament is the next competitive installment featuring 16 established teams.

In fact, the event is the final chapter of the Ignition Series in Europe with G2 Esports cementing their position as leaders so far. LVL Clash 2 will feature a slightly altered gameplay environment, with VALORANT transitioning to the 1.06 patch last week.

Meanwhile, the event has been enjoying the sponsorship of established companies, including Logitech and the hosts from LVL.

The LVL Clash 2 VALORANT tournament will reunite 16 teams with 13 receiving a direct invitation to the event and three qualifying via side competitions. Two teams have fought it out in the Contender’s Cups while one team got a chance to qualify and win a spot via the LVL beta tournament.

The event offers a €15,000 reward with the exact prize distribution still not set in stone, although the winners will claim the bulk of the money. Speaking of participants, G2 Esports are clearly in the lead, but they will have to play against a number of worthwhile contenders.

Who’s Participating in the LVL Clash 2?

The past few weeks saw a lot of action with teams trying to make it through to the final, mostly in the Contenders Cup. Two teams emerged victorious, to name Angry Titans and Wave Esports who will now progress to the main event and face a slew of opponents.

The LVL beta tournament also produced a winner, Valorando, who will now try their hand against the top crop of competitive talent in Europe. Understandably, the list of teams is quite impressive, with all main esports franchises joining and the groups already set up.

The tournament structure will feature four groups with four teams in each group. Two teams will make it to the playoffs from each.

Group A

  • NIP
  • Giants
  • Inferno

Team B

  • Team Liquid
  • Bonk
  • Prodigy
  • Fabriken

Group C

  • G2
  • BBIG
  • NMDM
  • Valorando

Group D

  • FPX
  • BBL
  • Angry Titans
  • Wave

How Are Teams Progressing to the Playoffs?

To make it to the playoffs, teams will first go through the Group Stage. The Group Stage features a best-of-one format, with the top two teams to proceed. The bottom teams are automatically eliminated.

In the playoffs, there will be a single-elimination bracket and all matches will be played in a best-of-three format. All stages of the competitions will take place from August 28 through August 29.

Where to Watch LVL Clash 2 VALORANT

The event will be available on LVLGlobal with free access to all spectators. LVL has attracted James Banks and Mitch McBride as commentators.


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