July 6, 2023 3 min read


LiveScore and Fara Williams to Deliver Insights into Women’s Football

The new collaboration between the leading sports media business and the former England midfielder is expected to deliver unique insights into women's football

The global sports media business and leading real-time sports updates and streaming service provider, LiveScore, announced a new initiative, that seeks to expand the insights available for women’s football stats, delivering new information for its growing customer base. The latest announcement comes just in time for this summer’s Women’s World Cup 2023.

The company revealed that it joined forces with Fara Williams, the former England midfielder and expert within the football vertical, to deliver weekly roundups that will include key details regarding stats from the tournament, opening the door further for fans of women’s football. Under the collaboration with LiveScore, Williams will bring five weekly columns featuring “a wealth of content breaking down some of the best player’s attributes, and further insight into some of the stats around the women’s game.”

The announcement comes at a time when data from LiveScore indicated that 57% of the users think that women’s football cannot be compared to men’s football because of insufficient details such as analysis, predictions and information. At the same time, this data showed that 30% of the fans of the sport would be interested in additional details regarding women’s football such as rising stars, best players and other strategically important insights involving the development of players. That request doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the wide range of information available for men’s football when compared to women’s football.

On the other hand, some 28% of LiveScore’s users admitted that they would be more interested in the Women’s World Cup if there was better analysis, information and insights. Some 29% said that they will be interested in women’s football especially if they knew who the women’s equivalents of stars like Ronaldo and Messi are.

The Collaboration Will Bring Quality Content, Insights

Williams spoke about the excitement to have the opportunity to join LiveScore’s growing team of experts and deliver unique insights for the Women’s World Cup. She predicted that her efforts will help fans of the sports gain a better understanding of women’s football teams and players.

“The Lionesses’ performances at last year’s UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 captured the nation. Being able to tell some of the lesser-known details of the women’s game will allow fans to enjoy this summer’s tournament even more,” explained Williams in conclusion.

Our audience has clearly laid out that they want to understand more of the nitty-gritty of the women’s game, and we have listened.

Ric Leask, marketing director at LiveScore

Ric Leask, LiveScore’s marketing director, explained that a major goal for the company is to get sports fans closer to their favorite game. According to him, the new dedicated women’s football section will deliver unique insight and quality content for fans of women’s football.

Leask said that LiveScore is delighted to join forces with Williams for the new initiative and benefit from the extensive knowledge she brings. Finally, he spoke about the clear signal from the company’s audience that asked for better understanding of women’s football which is something this new collaboration addresses.


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