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LiveScore Will Help Fans Stay in Touch with the World Cup

LiveScore, a provider of live soccer scores and results, has teamed up with Emmanuel Petit, a retired pro athlete. Petit will join LiveScore for a new campaign, celebrating the upcoming World Cup.

Many Fans Fear Missing Out on Scores

Petit is a former defensive midfielder who played for some of the best teams in professional soccer, namely Arsenal, Barcelona, Monaco and Chelsea. He will take part in LiveScore’s new campaign that will help soccer fans stay tuned with the latest developments in the tournament.

The World Cup in Qatar is a highly-anticipated event that all soccer enthusiasts eagerly await. However, some of them fear that their work times will cause them to miss the action. A total of 44% of people in Britain claim that the tournament is more important than their jobs, while 10% will call in sick to be able to watch the action and not miss the scores.

The Fear of Missing Scores (FOMS) is a phenomenon that many fervent fans and bettors experience. Thanks to the breakthroughs in technology, however, soccer enthusiasts can now follow the action on their mobile phones no matter where they are. 37% admitted to taking toilet breaks just to stay in touch with the tournaments.

Excessive FOMS makes it impossible for some people to watch the event itself as they are way too fixated on the scores. Because of the unorthodox schedule of the upcoming World Cup event, it is likely that FOMS will skyrocket among players.

LiveScore Will Help Fans Stay Tuned

Ric Leask, LiveScore’s marketing director remarked that this year’s World Cup will be an unprecedented event because of its timing. He noted that managing the festivities and the World Cup schedule is going to be very hard for some fans, which will likely lead to a rise in FOMS.

That’s where LiveScore comes in.

While our data shows that many supporters have a real Fear of Missing Scores when they’re unable to watch games, the good news is that regardless of whether it’s for league fixtures during the season or major tournaments, LiveScore can keep them close to the action with real-time score updates throughout.

Ric Leask, marketing director, LiveScore

Emmanuel Petit also spoke about his participation in LiveScore’s FOMS campaign. He noted he understands why some fans are so excited about the event and said that he is glad to take part in the campaign.

According to estimates, two in five fans suffer from FOMS. A fifth of all LiveScore respondents may even cancel their holiday plans just to make time for the World Cup.


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