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Lithuania’s Authority Fined 7bet for Tempting Users

Amber Gaming has received a fine for breaching Lithuania’s regulations through its 7bet brand.  

Amber Gaming’s Subsidiary Tempted Players

Lithuania’s regulator, the Gambling Supervisory Authority, accused Amber Gaming of breaching some of the recently introduced laws on marketing advertisement. According to the authority, the gambling company has uploaded online content that didn’t correspond to the standards.

The regulator said that Amber Gaming had encouraged its users to play more – something that is strictly forbidden in the country. The authority found out that such content Amber Gaming published such content on its website on October 13 and November 4 last year, as well as on February 4 this year.

The Gambling Supervisory Authority pointed out that certain content tempted users to play with promises of free spins and unparalleled excitement. Furthermore, Amber Gaming promised that its 7bet brand provides users with better chances to win. The authority reasserted that it is forbidden to try and persuade people to play with such ads.

The Operator Received a $7,000 Fine

Because Amber Gaming and its subsidiary violated Lithuania’s laws on gambling advertisement, the authority imposed a $7,000 fine on the company. It concluded that the operator tried to purposefully attract attention to 7bet and encourage people to gamble.

The regulator reprimanded the company and asked it to take any such content down. It also said that if Amber Gaming fails to do so or posts similar content in the future, it risks losing its license.

Lithuania first proposed to prohibit gambling ads in May 2021. After a vote, the lawmakers agreed to the changes and banned gambling promotion on July 1 last year. Under those rules, gambling companies cannot promote their content through promises of free bonuses and higher win rates.  

The decision came as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Lithuanian Gambling Commission. It is also a step in the country’s quest to eliminate gambling harm. Under the laws, operators can still launch ads, as long as they don’t incentivize people to play. Additionally, the regulator strictly prohibits operators from targeting minors with any kind of ads.  

If Amber Gaming believes its ads did not purposefully try to incentivize players to bet, it has the right to appeal the fine.

The Gambling Supervisory Authority’s move is a part of a broader tendency to restrict misleading and/or harmful gambling ads. Numerous regulated jurisdictions have realized the dangers of unrestrained advertisement and have introduced new rules to govern marketing.


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