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The ANJ Forced Winamax to Take Down Ads that Breached Regulations

L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s gambling authority, has reprimanded the iGaming and sports betting operator Winamax, forcing it to take down a part of its advertisements.

ANJ Forced Winamax to Take Down Tout pour la Daronne

The marketing campaign in question is the so-called “Tout pour la Daronne.” The ANJ ruled that it is in breach of France’s laws on gambling advertisements. According to the regulator, Tout pour la Daronne sent a socially-dangerous message that gambling is an easy way to become rich and respected in society – a notion the ANJ rejects.

The regulator pointed out that Tout pour la Daronne ad campaign depicted a man who becomes rich after winning a sports bet and subsequently fixes his life and helps his mother improve her living standard. The ANJ reminded that this kind of message was prohibited on November 4, 2020, amid concerns that such advertisements lead to higher gambling harm rates among poorer players.

The authority appealed to Article D. 320-9, 2. The law reads that “any commercial communication in favor of a gambling operator is prohibited when it suggests gambling contributes to social success.”

ANJ Is Concerned about France’s Gambling Harm Problem

The ANJ reprimanded Winamax and asked the operator to have this in mind for the future. Additionally, the regulator ordered all Tout pour la Daronne commercials and their associated materials to be taken down no later than a month after the warning.

The authority reasserted that Winamax’s future adverts must avoid giving people the idea that gambling is a way for them to change their social status and become more respected. It reminded that a healthy degree of hyperbole is not forbidden as long as it does not portray wagering as something that helps a person become wealthier and live a luxurious life.

The regulator noted that this is the first time Article D. 320-9, 2 has come into play, forcing it to take down a marketing campaign.

This decision was likely influenced not only by Tout pour la Daronne’s content but by the alarming rates of problem and underage gambling in France. A recent study concluded that many people start betting as young as 13. The survey questioned over 5,000 respondents aged 15 to 17 and concluded that many parents nurture a gambling habit in their children.

Seeing such dangerous tendencies take root, the ANJ intensified its efforts against non-compliant operators and illegal gambling companies. The country also hopes to lower the harm rates and secure a healthier gambling ecosystem.


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