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LeoVegas’ Exclusive Jackpot Can Be a Game-Changer

Viktor Hoffmann, LeoVegas Group head of gaming business development, discussed the operator’s strategies to stand out amidst competition and bolster customer engagement

LeoVegas, a prominent player in the iGaming industry, is making waves with its LeoJackpot, hailed as the worlds largest online casino jackpot. The company believes this feature will be a game-changer, contributing significantly to LeoVegas Group’s branding, market position, and strategic initiatives. This offering should help LeoVegas maintain its 2023 momentum and retain its leadership position in key jurisdictions.

The Offering Extends across Multiple Verticals

LeoJackpot is a pooled, progressive, cross-border, and multi-tier value-based jackpot. Functioning as an ante or add-on bet, it offers players an improved chance of winning alongside the base game. LeoJackpot operates independently from the base game, seamlessly overlaying without disrupting gameplay, and applies to LeoVegas’ portfolio of brands, including live dealer and game shows.

This popular feature enriches the player experience by providing a second-chance opportunity to win bigger. With carefully calibrated reset values, drop frequencies, and win amounts, the jackpot appeals to a broad range of player types. LeoJackpot demonstrates impressive drop frequencies, averaging a drop every 6.4 minutes, resulting in significantly more additional winners.

The Jackpot is technically wholly independent from the base game it is played alongside, yet it is seamlessly overlaid so as not to interfere with the gameplay.

Viktor Hoffmann, LeoVegas Group head of gaming business development

LeoVegas attributes the success of LeoJackpot to its design for mass appeal, simplicity, and the added excitement it brings to the gaming experience. The jackpot product boasts unique features, catering to various player preferences as each player contributes to the same prize pool per spin and has an equal chance of winning any pot.

LeoJackpot Will Be Instrumental in Bolstering Player Engagement

LeoVegas Group head of gaming business development Viktor Hoffmann discussed the company’s plans in a LinkedIn interview, highlighting LeoJackpot’s strategic importance. The operator will focus on extending the jackpot offering into more markets and further integrating it into the overall player experience by introducing new and exciting jackpot types. 

Keeping pace with the dynamic iGaming space’s evolving features and ensuring a thrilling jackpot experience for players remains a priority for LeoVegas. The company’s strategy ensures that around a fifth of its players engage with jackpots every month, helping differentiate its offerings in an industry where content similarities among operators are common. 

It helps us position our brands on something the customer cares about and that we can do better than the competition.

Viktor Hoffmann, LeoVegas Group head of gaming business development

LeoJackpot aligns with LeoVegas Groups strategic objectives for 2024, aiming to strengthen its position in regulated markets, enhance user experience, and leverage intellectual properties from the wider MGM group. It should help the operator emerge as a significant force in the iGaming industry, combining innovation, exclusivity, and a player-centric approach to create a world-class experience.

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