LeoVegas App Goes Live on Google Play Store in Sweden, Spain and Denmark

Swedish gaming operator LeoVegas announced its gambling app went live on Google Play Store in Sweden, Denmark, and Spain to make the company the first gambling firm to have its mobile app available via the official store for Android-based mobile devices in these markets.

First Again

By passing compliance requirements to get listed on Google Play Store, LeoVegas is making history as the first gambling operator to have its app on the store in these 3 countries.

In November 2020, LeoVegas announced it would become the first gambling company to introduce open banking payments via its online and mobile platforms – initially in the UK, and later on in other European markets.

“Once again, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in our industry and make it easier for our customers to get a superior mobile product and this will enhance the customer experience.”

Mattias Wedar, Chief Product and Technology Officer, LeoVegas

Recently, Google announced it would lift the ban related to gambling apps effective March 1, 2021, expanding the list of countries in which operators could reach customers via Google Play Store with another 15, among which Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Canada, and the USA. Prior to lifting the gambling app ban, the online giant allowed only gambling apps in the UK, Brazil, France, and Ireland.

“It was a tight deadline as Google only announced this possibility officially in late January, but with a great effort of all teams involved we were able to make it happen not only on time, but ahead of competitors.”

Mattias Wedar, Chief Product and Technology Officer, LeoVegas

App Application Process

The ban repeal did not mean an automatic influx of apps as Google announced criteria every gambling operator willing to offer its app via the biggest app store for Android-based mobile devices should meet as part of the application process.

To prevent any illegal gambling apps from featuring on Google Play Store and keep the company on the right side of the law, every app applying to be listed on the store should be licensed under the regulations in the country it is intended to be offered.

By listing its app on Google Play Store, LeoVegas is seeking to engage with a vast number of people in the three countries the app is now available via the store, as Android mobile devices hold a serious stake in these mobile markets, 90% in Spain, 45% and 38% in Sweden and Denmark, respectively.

Following the successful passing of the compliance procedure, players in the two Scandinavian countries and Spain can now enjoy playing online casino games directly from their mobile phones after downloading the LeoVegas app from the safest place for Android-based apps.

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