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Legalization of Casino Gambling Picks up Speed in Thailand

The country is exploring options for the legalization of casinos with the activity expected to bring economic stimulus and generate tax revenue

Countries across the globe enjoy the benefits of regulated gambling. The activity helps generate tax revenue which is often used for different programs, including funding of educational and infrastructure projects. A percentage of this generated tax revenue is designated toward treating problem gambling and providing support for people affected by gambling harm.

Another benefit of regulated gambling is that it provides players with a legal way to engage in the activity. This helps countries around the world to monitor and control the activity, ensuring that gambling operators provide services that are fair and entertaining at the same time.

Thailand is one country in Asia that is currently trying to pass legislation that would pave the way to legal casino gambling, the Bangkok Post reports. A House committee in the country focusing on casino gambling recently completed a study, hinting at the possibility of the legalization of the activity.

Julapun Amornvivat, the country’s deputy finance minister and chair of the special House committee, revealed on Tuesday that the study into casino gambling provides comprehensive information on the topic. The next stop for the study would be the parliament where it will undergo further assessment and evaluation.

In case House lawmakers agree to adopt the study, Thailand would become the latest country in the region to regulate gambling. Similar to other jurisdictions, if the country adopts gambling legislation, it will implement licensing for gambling operators. Licensed gambling suppliers would have to comply with the regulatory framework and pay taxes on their revenues, something that is standard practice for the sector.

According to Sorawong Thienthong, the vice chairman of the House committee and secretary-general of the Pheu Thai Party, the study is expected to be finalized this Thursday. Its next step would be to be introduced to the House, which is expected at some point next week.

If this is realized, it could generate huge revenue for the country. What we emphasize is entertainment complexes. Casinos would be a small part of such complexes.

Sorawong Thienthong, secretary-general of the Pheu Thai Party

Thienthong confirmed that if the study is adopted, the country may benefit from significant proceeds in the form of tax revenue. He said that entertainment complexes may bring significant revenues, adding that casino gambling is only a fraction of such entertainment venues.

The described outcomes and benefits are not unexpected when it comes to casino gambling. Besides tax revenue, casino resorts can help boost tourism, create new jobs and provide economic stimulus.


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