February 20, 2024 3 min read


Prosecutors in Thailand under Threat amid iGaming Investigation

The threats are coming from allegedly corrupt police officers who have attempted to hinder with an ongoing iGaming investigation of two prosecutors

An investigation into online gambling operations, ran by a criminal syndicate in Thailand, resulted in threats against two prosecutors. The threats appeared to be deriving from a surprising source, the police force itself, with nearly a dozen officers suspected of their involvement with the criminal syndicate. In light of the threats, Thailand’s Office of the Attorney General (OAG), requested the Royal Thai Police to protect two prosecutors in charge of the iGaming investigation.

Suriyon Prabhasavat, OAG’s executive director of interrogation and Kulthanit Mongkolsawat, OAG’s chief of investigations, are two prosecutors that have been subject to threats. A high-profile investigation into online gambling ultimately resulted in the threats against them, believed to be coming from the police force. In its OAG request, it asked law enforcement to ensure the safety and well-being of the two, protecting them from corrupt officials who may be involved with the criminal organization that is under investigation.

The shocking case raises concerns about the well-being of public officials who are dedicated to combating criminal activities and repealing corruption. While such threats are not unexpected considering the line of duty and the significant influence of criminal organizations, criminal acts of such nature show just how far criminals would go to evade the law. Moreover, corrupt police officers supporting a criminal organization is shocking the least.

Overall, eight police officers are suspected of hindering the iGaming investigation. Allegations state that a high-ranking police official is also among the corrupt individuals who are supporting the criminal organization. However, considering the OAG request, the national police chief, Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, is asked to ensure the safety and well-being of the prosecutors.

Intimidation Tactics and Surveillance

Besides safeguarding the well-being of the prosecutors, the OAG urged the Royal Thai Police to conduct an extensive investigation and bring to justice the corrupt individuals who are hindering the online gambling investigation. Usually, internal investigations require a lot of resources and dedicated personnel. This is primarily because it would be law enforcement investigating law enforcement.

The threats against the two prosecutors included surveillance and even taking their photographs. They were subject to different scare tactics while it is also believed that corrupt law enforcement tried to deviate the prosecutors’ attention from the investigation.

While the protection of the prosecutors needs to be guaranteed, they were given time off from the investigation until the situation deescalates. Still, while such delay can help protect their well-being, it will surely also impact the progress of the online gambling investigation.


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