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Legal Battle between Evolution and L&W Reaches New Junction

The judge overseeing the case asked Evolution to provide additional information and motivate its request to file the complaint under seal

The ongoing legal battle between gaming giants Evolution and Light & Wonder (L&W) has reached a new phase as the two companies continue their legal maneuvers. Evolution’s motion to seal portions met resistance as the judge asked the company to file a memorandum, demonstrating the need for such a measure.

The Companies Argue over Intellectual Property

In its legal complaint, Evolution alleges that L&W used confidential information related to its popular game, Lightning Roulette, to create “copycat” products. Evolution contends that L&W accessed proprietary mathematical files during negotiations in 2021 when Evolution sought to develop a land-based version of Lightning Roulette with the assistance of Scientific Games, now renamed LNW Gaming.

According to Evolution, it shared confidential data with L&W during these negotiations, including unique mathematical files integral to the Lightning Roulette game. Attorneys for Evolution noted that the information was proprietary and unique to the game. They alleged that mere observation was insufficient to collect such data, arguing this fact supported their claims of foul play.

Evolution alleges that instead of collaborating on developing a joint project for a land-based game, L&W used the confidential information to create its copycat version, named Roulette X, and later released another similar product called PowerX. These actions were allegedly performed with the full knowledge that they would harm Evolution.

Evolution Asked for Increased Confidentiality

According to a recent report by NEXT.io, Evolution initially filed a motion to seal portions of its complaint, citing the need to protect confidentiality provisions between the two companies. Evolution argued that publicly disclosing certain information could lead to L&W claiming that Evolution violated these provisions. Such a development could further complicate the case and obstruct the lawsuit’s primary goal.

However, Judge Elayna Youchah ruled against the motion, emphasizing the strong presumption in favor of accessing public records. Judge Youchah stated that sealing parts of a filing required a compelling reason. She concluded that Evolution’s general claims about unspecified confidentiality agreements did not meet this standard and, therefore, could not support its request.

Plaintiffs must provide some factual basis as to the nature of the information they seek to seal that supports an adequate legal reason for their request.

Judge Elayna Youchah

Judge Youchah has ordered Evolution to file a memorandum by 10 June, demonstrating a compelling reason for the sealing request. Meanwhile, the complaint remains temporarily sealed pending further order from the court. As the legal proceedings continue, industry observers will closely monitor the companies for further developments that could impact their operations and market positions.

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