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Evolution Files Lawsuit against Light & Wonder over Alleged Infringement

The company claimed that Light & Wonder used confidential information to develop games that resembled Evolution's Lightning Roulette

Intellectual property (IP) infringement lawsuits are not uncommon in the global gambling industry. With fierce competition, some companies engage in unlawful action to gain an advantage, but this often results in prolonged lawsuits.

In one recent case, one leading gaming company filed a lawsuit against another giant, claiming IP infringement. The legal case involved Light & Wonder (L&W), which was accused by Evolution of trade secrets misappropriation.

The legal claim was filed with the US District Courts, Nevada District Court by Evolution on Tuesday last week. In its legal complaint, Evolution alleged that L&W used confidential information related to its Lightning Roulette. The leading gaming company claimed that L&W was able to access Lightning Roulette math files to create “copycat” products.

Evolution’s Lightning Roulette is renowned for its success across the globe. The company recognizes this as one of its most popular and successful live casino products which has been reaching new players across the globe ever since its release in 2018.

Evolution Malta Limited, Evolution Gaming Malta Limited, Evolution Gaming Limited and SIA Evolution Latvia are named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, while L&W and LNW Gaming, Inc. are listed as defendants.

Developing Copycat Products

Evolution’s lawsuit against L&W stemmed from negotiations dating back to 2021. At the time, the former sought to develop a land-based version of its popular game with the help of Scientific Games, which was later renamed to LNW Gaming.

According to Evolution, at the time, the company shared confidential data, which included mathematical files. Attorneys for Evolution, quoted by NEXT.io, explained: “This information is proprietary, unique to the Lightning Roulette game, and cannot be readily ascertained through proper means, including by observing the Lightning Roulette features or by playing the game.”

But instead of developing the land-based game, L&W sought to create its own version, the lawsuit claimed. The “copycat” of Evolution’s Lightning Roulette is Roulette X, according to the lawsuit. Subsequently, L&W also released PowerX, which per Evolution was another copy of its popular game.

The recently filed lawsuit explained: “LNW Gaming induced Evolution into providing L&W with Evolution’s trade secrets for Lightning Roulette … under the auspices of entering into a partnership for developing physical Lightning Roulette game tables, but turned around and used those trade secrets to develop its own copycat products knowing that its acts would harm Evolution.”

In the legal claim, Evolution seeks compensation for damages and losses related to L&W’s alleged actions. Moreover, the company seeks an injunction that would prevent any further similar damage or infringement.


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