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Evolution Releases Gold Bar Roulette to Empower Players

Just when you wondered if Evolution could set the live casino bar any higher, the company has an answer ready for you. The answer is apparently yes and it’s well captured in the new Gold Bar Roulette game by the company. This new addition to Evolution’s ever-growing portfolio of live games is a worthy successor to the previous games, with an ambitious design that “puts players in control.”

Gold Bars and Using Them Smartly

The game is designed around the idea that players get to pick their own Lucky Numbers instead of those being randomly assigned to them. Then, multipliers are assigned to the lucky numbers. The size of the multipliers is also adjustable adding yet another layer of depth and control to the experience.

The Gold Bars are billed as the most important reward in the game that can be won during the base game. Then, a random number of Gold Bars can be won every time you bet on a winning Straight Up bet.

A Gold Bar is worth an 88x multiplier and can be applied to any Straight Up bet boosting the potential payout in a massive way. Not only that but these Gold Bars are stored in player accounts and can be used at a later point up to 180 days. The dynamic of the new game is created to offer a more flexible experience for players who can use the unique designer decisions to time their assets and put them towards a bet they feel strongly about.

While still comes down to chance, it’s a fun addition to the traditional roulette gameplay and definitely in the spirit of innovation Evolution has driven for the live casino sector.

Luck-Based and Highly Entertaining Experience

Evolution CPO Todd Haushalter welcomed the game and said that it’s a big new release for the company. He noted that the product was predicated on the Lightning Roulette game, which is clearly understood because of the use of Lucky Numbers.

We also know how much players love big multipliers, so for Gold Bar Roulette we thought why not go a step further and give the player more control—why not let the player choose what numbers will pay big – and how big the payout should be?

Evolution CPO Todd Haushalter

Haushalter argued that the Gold Bar vault and environment were truly captivating and that he believed in the success of the Gold Bars as a designer solution. He reminded that thanks to these Gold Bars, people stand a chance to win big, up to 10,000x multipliers or even double that amount, the executive mused.


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