Tote Gains Valuable Experts with Two New Non-Executive Directors

UK Tote Group, the operator of British horse racing bookmaker Tote, has just enriched its board of directors with the valuable entrepreneurial experience and extensive business expertise of Lord Spencer of Alresford and Mark Holt, who are taking up positions as the company’s non-executive directors. Lord Spencer and Holt are going to help the company on its path to growth, increased liquidity, cutting-edge product development, and added value for its customers.

Lord Spencer Brings Extensive Entrepreneurial Experience

British billionaire and philanthropist Lord Michael Alan Spencer of Alresford, who is among UK Tote Group’s over 150 investors, has been pointed to as one of the most successful businessmen in the UK. He is the founder of financial services company NEX Group, formerly known as ICAP. Under Lord Spencer’s leadership, ICAP became an FTSE 100 company, which was eventually sold and renamed NEX Group. Since then, Lord Spencer has focused on other activities such as start-up investments through his venture IPGL. The investment firm’s portfolio includes a wide range of companies across the whole world and a variety of sectors such as wealth management, life insurance, cyber security, etc.

Lord Spencer holds the position of board director at a few private firms. He is also the acting chairman of the UK think tank Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), which is trying to advocate for free market economics worldwide. In September 2020 Lord Spencer was awarded the title Baron Spencer of Alresford.

Mark Holt Comes in as a Technological Expert

Mark Holt is the other valuable addition to UK Tote Group’s board of directors. His vast experience in a wide range of technology companies makes him the UK Tote Group’s board new tech expert. Holt is currently employed at 10x Banking, a company which delivers innovative services to banks and financial institutions, as chief product and engineering officer. He is also chairman at Diversity, which uses data-driven technological solutions to assist companies with gaining insights into diversity and equity.

Holt also serves as a non-executive director at Camelot, the company that runs the British National Lottery. Holt spent almost 7 years at Trainline, a company that runs a European-wide train tickets mobile application, where he was responsible for the notable technological business transformation of the firm. As Trainline’s chief technology officer, Holt was part of the executive team, which implemented the company-wide reform.

UK Tote Group chairman John Williamson has expressed his excitement about the new appointments and said he expects their considerable experience to support the company through times of growth. Williamson has specifically highlighted Holt’s technological expertise, which will be an invaluable asset in the further development and improvement of Tote’s wagering system.

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