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Las Vegas Sands Invests in US Integrity to Protect Sports Betting

Las Vegas Sands has sought to up its involvement in the integrity of the sports betting industry in the United States and beyond. To this end, the company is teaming up with a proven leader in the sector, US Integrity. The latter specializes in the tracking and monitoring of sporting contests and flagging potential corruption in sports based on erratic betting behavior that points to match-fixing or other forms of manipulation.

Sands Gives US Integrity Much-needed Funds

Las Vegas Sands’ exact involvement in US Integrity is not known as the terms of the financial agreement between the two parties remain anonymous. Commenting on this partnership, US integrity CEO Matthew Holt said:

The strategic investment from Sands will help us expand our capabilities and develop new innovative products and services to bring transparency and peace of mind to our growing list of clients.

US integrity CEO Matthew Holt

The investment will be helpful in creating a safer experience for everyone involved in the sports betting experience, Holt assured, arguing that betting integrity is uppermost on the company’s list of priorities. US Integrity has had a laser-focused approach towards tackling potential gambling, finding new partners to assist and help bolster the safety of competitions across the burgeoning betting market in the United States.

So far, a total of 33 states and the District of Columbia have passed betting laws, with the majority enacting those laws. US Integrity has teamed up with numerous prominent brands over the past years, including Daily Racing Form Sportsbook and FireKeepers Casino & Hotel.

The company has been working on local expanding its reach with individual parties, such as licensed casinos that have been authorized to run digital or retail skins for known betting brands. As a result, US Integrity is servicing William Hill, but also has ties with PAC12, BIG 12, and SEC, which are all college sports leagues, and some of the most-watched and bet-on organizations in the United States.

Fixing Sports Betting Fraud Is Marathon

US Integrity will harness the fresh capital from Las Vegas Sands and leverage it into creating and building the necessary safety mechanisms to keep sports clear of manipulation. The company has been working actively with Colorado University, Betfred, and Amelco in a bid to exchange know-how and test its solutions in real-world conditions.

Sports manipulation is a problem in the United States as is elsewhere in the world. The American Gaming Association has called for the federal government to do more and crackdown on illegal gambling operators, which the trade body believes are responsible for much of the ills experienced in sports betting.


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